YouTube Getting Social With Facebook Integration

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Google has been rolling out new products and features in excess as of late. The most recent is a partnership and tighter integration with the social network Facebook.

Youtube is now experimenting with a new “feed” which will  connect YouTube and Facebook. The Facebook feed will push your friends embedded YouTube videos directly to your YouTube homepage.

While the YouTube syndication is still being tested, this blog post will provide deeper details on how you can try the feed for yourself.

A software engineer at YouTube, Chris Testa, said in the blog post:

“Sometimes those videos are served up by algorithms that offer recommendations based on your viewing history or the channels you’re subscribed to. By adding the videos your friends are embedding on Facebook into the mix, we’re hoping to close a loop with regards to how videos are shared and consumed these days.”

So why would YouTube want to go this route? Consider this – according to YouTube, a staggering 46.2 year’s worth of YouTube videos are viewed on Facebook everyday. The numbers for other social networking sites Orkut, MySpace and Hi5 trail off significantly at 12.7, 5.6 and 1.2 year’s worth of video views per day, respectively.

Facebook is the #3 Video Network

total-streams-260Facebook took a big leap up the video streaming rankings last month after barely making it into the top 10 during hte previous month. It is now sitting pretty in the number 3 slot behind YouTube and Hulu. While Facebook clocked up over double the unique viewers of Hulu, total streams were dominated by Hulu almost 4 to 1.

While YouTube is still the dominant market leader, executives at Hulu might want to take notice of the sheer viral power of the ‘social’ network’ impact that Facebook commands.

The picture for online video overall seems somewhat plateaued, with a Nielson reported 11.2 billion total streams in October — which is only enough to match the numbers from the hot summer video season. Still, total views are up slightly from September’s 11 billion, although uniques have fallen very modestly to 138.6 million from 139.3 million the previous month.