Now You Can Tag Pages in Facebook Photos

Facebook has launched a new feature today for photo tagging that is going to either make brands and celebs happy or nervous. You can now tag photos with a brand, product, company or person’s Facebook page very similar to the way you tag your friends in photos in the past.

Facebook says that a Page can be tagged anywhere that someone can view a photo in the photo viewer. These photos will appear on the Photos tab on the Page, and not on the Wall and a Page can be tagged by anyone on Facebook, not just people who have Liked a Page. It is important to note that, for now, the feature is restricted to pages that fall into the People and Brands and product categories.

Tag Brands in Photos

Have you tried out the new tagging feature? Do you think this will help bring in more fans to business pages?

Get Alerts When A Picture Of You Is Added On Facebook – Tagged Or Not

Israeli facial recognition tech startup Face.com made quite a splash when it launched Photo Finder, its first Facebook app, back in March. It soon followed suit with a new app called Photo Tagger, a tool that finds photos of people that were uploaded to Facebook albums even if they remained untagged by users.

The auto-tagging app was only available in private beta so far, but today the company is debuting the public version of Photo Tagger and is free of charge.

Here’s how it works: after you install the app on Facebook, you can select any public album (either their own or from friends). Photo Tagger then scans the photos, batches subjects into groups using its facial recognition technology and suggests tags for faces it has identified as such. Confirmed tags are then pushed directly onto Facebook, mirroring the social network’s privacy settings, and the result is a custom album made up of tagged photos.

Face.com claims faces can be recognized regardless of facial expressions, lighting, quality, backgrounds, angle and focus of the pictures.

This turns Photo Tagger into quite an impressive social search engine for faces on Facebook, where millions of images are uploaded to albums every week. It also doubles as a handy notification tool, because it has a system in place dubbed Face Alerts that lets users know when pictures of them appear on Facebook, with or without tags.

Face.com says the private alpha edition of Photo Tagger attracted over 30,000 users and identified 5 million faces on Facebook within three months.