Facebook and Social Networking Tools for Mac

Looking for places to market your products or services? While Facebook is the clear leader in targeting and reach, be sure not to overlook additional social networking sites such as Twitter and YouTube!

Just what is a social networking site and how can it help you?

It is a place on the Web where people of all ages go to chat with friends, interact with associates, or just browse. Such sites can be used to interact with people in all fields of interest, but they seem to be a particular lure for young people.

It’s not hard to see how a social networking site can help to market an online business. If your business were offline, you would want to place your ads in areas where the greatest number of people could see them, such as in a shopping mall. Simple put, a social networking site is a lot like a mall.

Social networking sites appeal particularly to young people and those with plenty of disposable income. This is probably the reason why bands and other entertainers have such a strong presence on the social networks. Authors, software developers, game makers, really, people from any industry can be found there. If you want to reach a target audience, you will go where the people are. After all, Twitter has 200 million members as of this writing and Facebook has 600 million. Those numbers are nothing to sneeze at!

The right way and a wrong way to utilize the social networking websites.

Like other places on the Internet, neither users nor administrators like those who go around blatantly advertising their businesses on the social websites. This is not to say that you cannot advertise your business on Facebook, but you should remember that the site has an advertising program and you will have to pay for the privilege.

There are free ways to advertise on the social websites, but you must go about it in the right way. This means adding value and interesting content to your own page, as well as spending plenty of time interacting with others so that they are motivated to see what you have to offer.

Mac Tools to manage multiple social networking sites

There are programs for Mac that can help with this, and some applications work with more than one social network.

  1. Facebook Desktop from Bit Per Second – A browser-based application that provides an alternative way of accessing both Facebook and Twitter that some users may find more convenient.
  2. Seesmic – One of the more popular tools that allows you to manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  3. Socialite From Apparent Software – Provides an attractive interface for accessing Digg, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds.
  4. Yoono Desktop – Similar to Socialite, Yoono Desktop, which has a version for Mac, Windows and Linux and also allows connection with multiple social networks.
  5. RockMelt – A browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and the iPhone that also has social networking capabilities built in. It is the defacto successor to the Flock browser (which recently announced its end of support).

No matter how you participate, if you want to market your business, you will want to go where the people are, and nothing fits that description better than social networking websites.

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