Facebook Privacy: Your Embarrassing Moments on Facebook



Everyone has those moments on Facebook that are just embarrassing. A bad photo is posted. You have to deal with saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. You make a statement and wish you just had not. The bad news is that now, these messages are able to be collected by a new application and displayed, again, for everyone to see.

In a time when Facebook privacy settings are all important, it has become increasingly necessary to pay attention to the specifics of each setting or security measure provided. Some Facebook users are now learning the hard way that these messages, those all embarrassing ones that you hoped would get lost in the Facebook stratosphere, are popping up again.

A new website is now able to pull posts from the wall of various Facebook users in an effort to expose them. The website is located at YourOpenBook.org. The application on the site that is in question is Facebook Search. As the name implies, the feature allows users to search through the site for various reasons and with various methods.

One of the ways in which the application is working is by posting messages on the site from Facebook users who are brazenly bragging about playing hooky from school or work. Have you ever said something about your boss? Perhaps you made a comment about your coworker to another coworker thinking they would never learn about it. These are all things that could get you in trouble if they make it to FacebookSearch and on the site.

Perhaps you are like another group of Facebook users who posts information that is all too personal. If you are guilty of posting “too much information” on any subject, keep in mind that it is not just your followers on Facebook that are going to have to deal with it. Now, this search feature can easily pull information off the site and place it on the web.

Who are these people? While it may seem that the developers of such an application are after you or are being malicious with the way that the site is designed, they promise they do not have malicious intentions. So, why do it?
One of the reasons why the group has put together the website is to offer the world of Facebook users some way to teach others. There are plenty of naïve Facebook users that really have no idea what their security settings are nor are they conscious about what they put up on the site.

What is the moral of the story? Perhaps what people can take from this exposure through FacebookSearch is that they should take the time to learn what their privacy settings are and to adjust them accordingly. Further, realize that what you say on a social networking site like Facebook, does become public knowledge in many cases.

You can check your Facebook privacy settings by simply visiting the site directly and logging in to the security features. If you have not done so, check out the site and find out just what people are talking about.