Social Media Is Tool Behind Betty White Success

betty-white-gleeMany people have heard that Betty White was recently on Saturday Night Live, the popular evening variety and comedy show. While she may not seem like the typical comedian or performer for this venue, it is in part the success of Facebook and other social media networks that has helped her to do so well. The fact is that social media is changing the way that people interact with each other, even as far as who is put onto television.

While the Saturday Night Live gig was a big one for Betty White, there is now a new push for the actress and comedienne. Now, a new Facebook page has sprung up with the goal of helping to put the comedienne at the Oscars. Further, another Facebook campaign is hoping to get her onto the new season of Glee, the fabulously popular show on Fox Network. The page is called Betty White on Glee.

A similar campaign was successful at landing White on Saturday Night Live just a few months ago. The first campaign was on a page called Betty White to Host SNL (please?). That Facebook page was started in February and throughout the following months managed to build a fan base of more than half of a million fans. After seeing the popularity that White had, through the use of this Facebook page, NBC decided to provide White with the offer to host the program, which she did on May 8th, 2010. And, the Betty White hosting of SNL did well with both online fans and offline fans able to enjoy it.

There is no doubt that if this new campaign is going to need a good deal of momentum behind it to gain the same amount of attention with Glee producers, but many are confident that White will be seen in numerous new programs. Within 24 hours of the posting of the Glee page, it had over 500 “likes” on it.

How is it possible for veteran actress to have just a following through Facebook? Many people believe that the underlying tool that is working in her favor is social media. In other words, while Facebook is a significant part of this, there are also other methods of promotion being used by the founders of these pages. Not only are they working to get their friends on Facebook to promote the page on Facebook, but they are using social media bloggers, blogs as well as Twitter and other forms of social media to help get even more attention.

Why is this Betty White Facebook page so important? It shows the strength of social media in many ways. Imagine the simple fact that through someone’s idea to have Betty White on SNL to that actually happening is an example of how individuals can control what they watch on television. The influence of social media on the movies you see, the television programs and even the actors and actresses used in those mediums is something that every day people can control through social media, at least to some level.

What are your thoughts? Can we use social media to “change th world”? 🙂