How to Use Your Image Galleries on Facebook

How to Use Your Image Galleries on Facebook

If you have any experience in sales, you know that allowing people to look at a product is a big part of persuading them to buy. In fact, one of the things that have made Internet commerce so successful is that people can look at products repeatedly without driving down to a store to do(…)

How To: Move Facebook Photos To Picasa (Google Photos)

With the rise of Google+ folks are scrambling to transfer everything from photos to Facebook friends in an effort to build out their Google+ profiles as quickly as possible. With that in mind, I’m sure there’s more than one way to easily transfer your Facebook photos and albums to Google’s Picasa service (soon to be(…)

Now You Can Tag Pages in Facebook Photos

Facebook has launched a new feature today for photo tagging that is going to either make brands and celebs happy or nervous. You can now tag photos with a brand, product, company or person’s Facebook page very similar to the way you tag your friends in photos in the past. Facebook says that a Page(…)