Inking a Facebook Page Using PageInk

PageInk is a Facebook page creation tool that a business might use to create a Facebook page to help promote its business online. As such, the term isn’t used in a way that is self-descriptive of its true meaning. It seems to imply ink printed on a page. However, if you were to think of the printing of business advertising on a page of paper, then—perhaps—the term seems to make sense.

A Business Facebook Page

A Facebook business advertisement that links back to the business’s Facebook page is more productive than one that links back to a website. The reasons behind this finding are unclear. Facebook users might be more comfortable and familiar with a Facebook page than they are with a website.

For the most part, a website is static and unchanging. A Facebook page is intended to provide a means for interaction between you (and your business), and customers and potential customers. Facebook users are accustomed to seeing a page change over time. They like seeing status and photo updates.

Putting Ink on a Facebook Page

An analogy could be made between the appearance of a printed page and that of a Facebook page. In a manner of speaking, the purpose of a Facebook page creation tool is to put some colorful ink in the form of colors, graphics, and photos and some written ink in the form of statuses and blogs on your business’s Facebook page. Of course, the word “ink” is used in the sense that the page is colorful and graphical, not in the sense that it is literally ink on a page. The idea is to create a page that is colorful, pleasing to the eye, attractive, and informative. One way of describing a Facebook page creation tool is to say that it is a page inking tool.

A page inking tool makes it easy for you or one of your artistically gifted employees to create and modify an eye-pleasing Facebook page. Some of the features you might want to incorporate into your page are described as follows:

  • If your business has theme colors, you will want to use them on your page. You will want to use other colors too so that your page isn’t uniformly colored throughout. Good places to use theme colors would be around your business’s name, logo, short-descriptive catch phrase, and representative photograph.
  • This tool has a drag-and-drop capability. You can select a photo with your mouse, move it where it needs to go, and release it. Photos and graphics can be easily moved around in the same way.
  • You also want brief and accurate descriptions to go along with your photos. You have an inside perspective of what they mean. Your Facebook fans do not. Writing a brief description conveys the meaning and relevance of the photo.