Increase In Display Ad Views Creates More Facebook Growth

Increase In Display Ad Views Creates More Facebook Growth

Facebook Display Ads

If there is one thing that Facebook has gotten good at over the last few years it is in its ability to generate publicity and to create growth for themselves. This is true for many reasons and continues to occur. Due to the extensive increase in ads on Facebook, and mind you these are only self generated ads on the homepage, not even outside ads, they have surpassed Yahoo and Microsoft in their number of impressions. This just shows, not only how much they have grown, but also how much they do and how well they relate to their customers if they are willing to click and use them.

One thing that many people do not consider when they are going to their favorite page or they log onto Facebook are the ads, however, apparently enough people are doing so that this is becoming a larger than life revenue source for the company. When you think about how much time you are there and all of the different things you say and do while there you need to ask yourself why you do not need to pay for this. What you need to realize is that the people who are paying to advertise on Facebook in order to be able to advertise all of us who are so entrenched and wanting to use this service are providing a great source for people to go to and in many ways be attracted to what it is that they have to offer.

What we do not realize, is that even if we do not spend our money on one of the products advertised or shown at that time, the fact that we have been made aware of it, or we remember what we saw has already worked to the advantage of the company with the ad. Consider that you will more likely buy something if you recognize the name and have at some point seen it somewhere before. If this happens because you saw the ad on Facebook, then the money that was spent to put the ad there was a success. What many of us do not realize is the number of ads on Facebook because we just assume it is a normal part of the page. That is because they are well disguised into the page and do their jobs very effectively.

What we are seeing is an internet phenomenon that is not only limited to Facebook as Yahoo and Microsoft have been doing it for far longer, but what we are seeing is the takeover of the ads by Facebook as their revenues continue to climb. Just think, in essence you are paying for Facebook, if you are paying for any of the products advertised there. Your money will at some point in some way end up paying for the ad that was there in order for you to purchase the product. A vicious cycle if you think about it.

What are your thoughts on Facebook advertising? Have you tried it? Have you clicked on an ad yourself?

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Facebook Phasing Out Microsoft Ads for More ‘Social’ Ads

Microsoft and Facebook Partnership

When Microsoft invested $240 million to take a small stake in Facebook, the deal almost more about securing an ad deal as it was an equity investment. Now, almost two years later, Microsoft is starting to see some of its advertising pulled as Facebook continues to create its own ad options and revenue models.

According to BusinessWeek, Facebook has dropped Microsoft’s banner advertising in several international markets, and is now considering the same in the U.S. markets. Microsoft serves fairly generic banner advertising on Facebook. As the display advertising market continues to innovate, Facebook is also pushing more engaging formats, like brands promoting their Pages and encouraging Facebook users and their friends to become fans as well.

It seems that Facebook’s social ads are performing well and it is likely we’ll hear more news about advertising innovations and advertising options in the coming months. It will be interesting to see if these changes begin impacting Bing powering web search results on Facebook – which was included in the deal.