Alternative Ways to Incorporate Facebook Into Your Blog or Website

One could argue a “Facebook Like” is the new “link” for SEO. One could also say the total of  “Likes” and comments is a measure of important or influence depending on the source. One thing we do know, however, is engagements such as a “Like” influences Edgerank and can catapult your content into the ever-important(…)

Get More Facebook Likes With These Simple Tips

Facebook recently provided Danny Sullivan with a plethora of stats during his research for this article. Some of those statistics revolved around data related to the best placement of the Like button in order to get Facebook likes. In this day and age of ‘everything social’ it is more and more important to have a(…)

Facebook Launches New “Send” Button

Today Facebook announced the release of an exciting new feature, the “Send” button, which looks to be ‘big’ news for marketers. The “Send” button will be a powerful addition to the sharing functionality of your brand website, since visitors will now be able to target their sharing activity to specific people, instead of worrying about(…)