Facebook Influence & Klout Score Can Score You Perks on Fan Pages

Thanks to Involver’s new Fan page applications, your Facebook influence (or Klout score), will determine your access level to select brand pages on Facebook — and it could score you perks.

Involver has teamed up with social influence tracking company Klout to release a set of Facebook applications that brands can use to tailor their Page experiences around fans’ Klout scores. The first app is free and is being rolled out to brands as of yesterday.

“We’ve taken Klout’s core business and brought it into our platform,” says Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Involver senior vice president of marketing and customer success. “The first application is a simple coupon-esque experience. A brand will be able to bring an application out of their Page, configure to deliver content to people above and below certain Klout scores, and then input whatever that content is.”

This content will be ideal for new movie trailers, products, coupons or any other unreleased material that a brand wishes to promote.

The term “fan-gating” is often used interchangeable with “Like-gating,” and simply refer to the common practice of hiding Facebook Page content behind a fan or “like” gate — when a fan “likes” the page, the actual content is revealed. Involver takes this one step further by defining what content a user is shown and what perks, if any, you get based on a Klout score.

Audi USA will be the first brand to test Involver and Klout’s influence gate on its Facebook Page. Fans who click to find out their Klout scores will receive a perk — a custom desktop, ringtone or both — based on their scores. The process happens entirely on Facebook, with Involver pinging Klout and retrieving the user’s score in the background.

This really appears to be the next stage of Facebook marketing where a user’s ‘influence’ defines their reward. We expect to see this starting to drive more and more marketing initiatives across Facebook. What are your thoughts?