How To: Move Facebook Photos To Picasa (Google Photos)

With the rise of Google+ folks are scrambling to transfer everything from photos to Facebook friends in an effort to build out their Google+ profiles as quickly as possible. With that in mind, I’m sure there’s more than one way to easily transfer your Facebook photos and albums to Google’s Picasa service (soon to be known as Google Photos). Here is one such service that makes this process very easy via a Chrome extension. The web app was developed by AmiWorks’ Aman Kumar Jain and Amogh. Chrome Extension Benefits:

The appropriately named website allows for a seamless connection to your Facebook account and automatic migration of all of your Facebook photos and albums over to Google’s Picasa service. Obviously, your facebook likes, comments, etc will not be ported over during this process.

Move Drawbacks:

One drawback to this tool is the long process it takes to transfer photos from one platform to the other – it took a good couple of hours before my photos were transfered. Despite that fact, seems to be the best viable solution for people who don’t mind the wait and would like to move only their photos to Picasa / Google Photos.

Another potential drawback is it’s all or nothing – you cannot transfer specific photos or albums at this point. That said, with Google’s advanced sharing settings it’s reasonable to assume most folks will want to transfer anything they had on Facebook to Google+ as well.

Happy photo sharing!

YouTube Getting Social With Facebook Integration

YouTube Logo

Google has been rolling out new products and features in excess as of late. The most recent is a partnership and tighter integration with the social network Facebook.

Youtube is now experimenting with a new “feed” which will  connect YouTube and Facebook. The Facebook feed will push your friends embedded YouTube videos directly to your YouTube homepage.

While the YouTube syndication is still being tested, this blog post will provide deeper details on how you can try the feed for yourself.

A software engineer at YouTube, Chris Testa, said in the blog post:

“Sometimes those videos are served up by algorithms that offer recommendations based on your viewing history or the channels you’re subscribed to. By adding the videos your friends are embedding on Facebook into the mix, we’re hoping to close a loop with regards to how videos are shared and consumed these days.”

So why would YouTube want to go this route? Consider this – according to YouTube, a staggering 46.2 year’s worth of YouTube videos are viewed on Facebook everyday. The numbers for other social networking sites Orkut, MySpace and Hi5 trail off significantly at 12.7, 5.6 and 1.2 year’s worth of video views per day, respectively.

Use Google Adwords To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising

Do you run a Google Adwords campaign? Are you considering Facebook advertising or currently running a campaign? Then this tip is for you! You probably don’t think of these two forms of advertising as going hand in hand, however, you can use the Google AdWords Demographic Performance Report and ad version reports to your advantage.

The Demographic Performance Report will provide a relative estimate of the age, sex and country demographics that are driving conversions and traffic to your site.  The ad version report will provide you with in-depth data into the creative(s) that are driving those conversions.

By leveraging these reporting insights, you can get a big head start on your Facebook campaign.

  • Target the age, country and sex fields in Facebook that matched your AdWords reports.
  • Use similar images/creatives for your ads. (You can pick up a free $100 facebook voucher code here).

Remember, Facebook uses CTR data and historical CTR data as a major factor on how oftenyour ad is displayed. As a result, if you are going for a branding campaign, use the Google Adwords ad version report to capitalize on creative that is driving the highest CTR vs. conversions. The higher your initial CTR for a new campaign the better.

Have you found alternative ways to leverage your Adwords data? Share them in the comments!

    Facebook Marketing and Advertising Tips

    As with all marketing channels, you must consider the mindset of the user. Unlike advertising on Google or Yahoo you need to think about targeting a user (or group of users) who is part of a demographic rather than a specific keywords.  The concept of targeting a ‘query’ needs to be thrown out the window! Rather, target a group!

    Facebook Marketing Tips

    So what are the benefits of  advertising on Facebook?  The simple answer is it’s cheap and targeted.  The average CPC across the board is around 20-30 cents. One of the benefits of the Facebook ad platform is that it isn’t completely clear on what someone might be buying (think trademarked  or branded terms in paid search). When this comes to branded terms, you can really tell if you’re bidding on a specific brand in Google/Yahoo!/Bing and your keyword could be declined/deleted as such. However, this is NOT the case in Facebook.  By leveraging “interests” for advertising, you can bid on users that might like your competition, and it would be nearly impossible to find because it isn’t query based.

    Facebook Advertising Tips

    Similar to pay per click advertising, you should always test your ads.  Put simply, test everything: alternative landing pages, different phone numbers and most importantly make sure you have analytics in place to track your results.  One word of caution, “interest targeting” can provide a great return but watch out for burnout.  Sending the same message to the same group of people over and over again can stop working quickly so be sure to vary your messaging every so often. A potential alternative is to send people to your fan page because you get higher viral multipliers.  By taking them and turning into a fan, you can get more and more life from your spend.

    Facebook Analytics Tips

    We recommend viewing Facebook’s suggested best practices and these common reasons for ad rejections prior to getting started!