Use Google Adwords To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising

Do you run a Google Adwords campaign? Are you considering Facebook advertising or currently running a campaign? Then this tip is for you! You probably don’t think of these two forms of advertising as going hand in hand, however, you can use the Google AdWords Demographic Performance Report and ad version reports to your advantage.

The Demographic Performance Report will provide a relative estimate of the age, sex and country demographics that are driving conversions and traffic to your site.  The ad version report will provide you with in-depth data into the creative(s) that are driving those conversions.

By leveraging these reporting insights, you can get a big head start on your Facebook campaign.

  • Target the age, country and sex fields in Facebook that matched your AdWords reports.
  • Use similar images/creatives for your ads. (You can pick up a free $100 facebook voucher code here).

Remember, Facebook uses CTR data and historical CTR data as a major factor on how oftenyour ad is displayed. As a result, if you are going for a branding campaign, use the Google Adwords ad version report to capitalize on creative that is driving the highest CTR vs. conversions. The higher your initial CTR for a new campaign the better.

Have you found alternative ways to leverage your Adwords data? Share them in the comments!