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Facebook Fan Page Strategy: Content Automation

The other day I wrote about some Facebook page content strategies to consider based on the goal(s) you are looking to accomplish. Today, I wanted to focus on another issue often encountered when managing a Facebook page – regularly updating your Page content. Automating Your Facebook Page Content The simplest way to save yourself countless(…)

Fan Page Content Strategy – Creating Targeted Facebook Content

For brands, one of the most frustrating aspects of running a Facebook Page is determining exactly what content to syndicate. The answer can be just as frustrating … it depends.  The trick is to publish great custom content alongside automatic updates with the following goals in mind: Increasing Website Traffic: When you want an increase(…)

Facebook Influence & Klout Score Can Score You Perks on Fan Pages

Thanks to Involver’s new Fan page applications, your Facebook influence (or Klout score), will determine your access level to select brand pages on Facebook — and it could score you perks. Involver has teamed up with social influence tracking company Klout to release a set of Facebook applications that brands can use to tailor their(…)

Facebook and iTunes App Store Join Forces

Thanks to the App Store Facebook Page, interacting with the iTunes App Store just got a lot easier. The page was developed and is powered by Vitrue, and now puts the App Store inside Facebook — a dream for any iTunes app lover! Now it is easy to search for apps, share them with friends,(…)

Facebook Changing Become a Fan in Favor of Like

Facebook has announced it will soon be changing the “Become a Fan” button that you’re so accustomed to seeing on Fan Pages to a more universal “Like” button. According to Clickz, Facebook has started sending out confidential emails to ad agencies informing them that the “Become a Fan” button which functions as a subscription/membership button (…)

1-1000 Facebook Fans in 35 Days

One of my favorite blogs, Freelance Folder, created a Facebook fan page on October 6th, 2009. On November 10th,approximately 35 days later, they reached the one thousand fan milestone. How did they do it? I’ll show you how they accomplished it and how you can to! First things first, we’ll run through a quick guide to creating fan(…)

How To: Customize Your Facebook Page & Attract More Fans

Facebook Fan Pages are gaining popularity due to their high adoption rates among Facebook’s 300+ million users. Currently more than 10 million users become fans of Pages each day. However, the basic fan page layout is quite, well, basic. Adding some simple modifications can really make a Fan Page standout and  attract those valuable fans.(…)

How To: Send Facebook Fan Page Updates

Over the weekend Facebook removed the sidebar action link that sends Fan page updates to your Facebook fans directly. You will now need to go through an extra click to get your updates sent. According to All Facebook, since the new Facebook inbox launched the click through rates on Fan page updates has increased significantly!(…)