How Facebook Video Chat Compares to the Competition

Facebook has pretty much become the center for all internet socializing. With the new Facebook video chat feature, it may have even given the competition a run for its money. You never have to leave the social network now that you have video chat, which allows you to communicate with friends on a more face to face basis. Why not get all your socializing done in one convenient place, while getting more face time with loved ones? Facebook video chat allows you to do this and more all in one easy step without the annoying telephone ring. So, how does Facebook video chat compare to Skype and other video chat sources? Read on to find out more.

#1: You Have a Better Chance of Getting a Hold of That Elusive Friend

Do you have one friend who’s rarely online and never remembers to log in to Skype? Since people tend to check their Facebook for reasons other than chatting, Facebook video chat is a great way to bring people together that may otherwise be difficult to reach.

#2: Initiating a Video Chat on Facebook is a Lot More Casual

Have a special someone you’ve been dying to get more one on one time with? Sending a Skype invitation may seem a bit forward, but a Facebook video chat invitation may not seem quite as over the top. For example, it’s not unusual or forward for two people to be chatting on Facebook about even casual subjects. To enhance the conversation, you can suggest a quick video chat with just the click of a button and be face to face in no time.

#3: Multi-task Your Heart Out with Facebook Video Chat

Since Skype is its own separate service, it can be difficult to focus on a variety of different things while you are having a Skype video conversation. With Facebook video chat, you can read your messages, keep track of your other chat conversations and take a peek at what your friends are doing all while still engaged in a video conversation. You can knock out all of your socializing needs in just one website to keep it simple and quicker than ever.

#4: Leave Personal Video Messages for Unavailable Friends

Most Facebook users are aware that Facebook has a great feature that allows users to post videos on their friends’ walls for all mutual friends to enjoy. However, with the new Facebook video chat feature, friends can make these videos personal if they choose by opening up Facebook video chat and sending a specialized message to any of their friends. So, if you want to send your friend a how to video or just a more personalized and intimate message, the feature makes it easy to do so.

#5: Despite the Perks, Facebook Chat Tends to Have More Complications

Like the infancy stage of Facebook chat, Facebook video chat can lag and have communication issues as well. Although Facebook acts as a great base to bring everyone together, it can be difficult to show off your best look with a frozen camera. The image and sound quality are both great when functioning properly, unfortunately, there are a bit more complications on Facebook video chat than other video chat contenders, such as Skype, for example.

Facebook video chat has its pros and cons, but in the end it all depends on what you are looking for. I would personally recommend using Facebook chat for casual, short and sweet conversations. Alternatively, Skype is great when you’re planning on an intimate and long conversation to avoid complications and be able to focus your attention. All in all, Facebook video chat is an excellent tool for connecting with friends in a convenient and easily accessible way. Like Facebook chat, it is only expected to improve.

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Skype Coming to Facebook to Power Facebook Video Chat

Facebook is one of the most far-reaching social networks in existence and like it or not for many less technical savvy users Facebook is the Internet. Also consider the fact that over the last few years video chat has received a huge boom in public consciousness thanks to things like Apple’s Facetime and Oprah’s open endorsement of Skype. It seems only natural that the next logical step for Facebook would be to expand its instant messaging service into a full-blown video calling service.

According to an article on Techcrunch Facebook is planning on doing just that and is partnering with none other than Skype, the biggest name in the video calling space to get it done. Skype’s key objective has always been to be as prolific as possible and a Facebook partnership would go a long way to accomplishing that goal. When you consider the on going Microsoft buy out of Skype and look at how its search engine Bing partners with Facebook to provide better search results it seems even more likely.

According to the Techcrunch tipster the Facebook video-calling platform will be entirely web based with an optional desktop component. This isn’t exactly new technology so it’s easy to think such huge partners like Facebook, Skype and now Microsoft can pull it off. Adding fuel to the fire is an investment Microsoft made to the tune of $240 million in Facebook back in 2007 that left many of us scratching our heads. If all of this still isn’t enough to convince you Mark Zuckerberg him self will be making a “huge announcement regarding Facebook” later this week.

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