Now Add Your Anniversary on Facebook

One of the things I’m horrible at is remembering birthdays. One of the best things about Facebook for me was the birthday notifications of friends and family. After all, who doesn’t like getting a “Happy Birthday” note on their wall!

As part of the numerous changes Facebook has been pushing live another important annual celebration will be included in the mix: the anniversary. Facebookers can now go to their relationship status and add the specific day, month and year in which they became a couple.

To update your anniversary status, simply click on the Edit (Update Info) button on your profile (soon to be known as timeline):

  1. Click on the Friends and Family bo
  2. Select your anniversary date from the Anniversary dropdown menu
  3. Save your changes

Please Note: You must first be in a relationship with someone on Facebook in order to select an anniversary date.

Facebook Relationship Status

One less date for me to try to keep track of! Now I just need to get my parents on Facebook!