8 Things You Must Know Before Advertising on Facebook

8 Things You Must Know Before Advertising on Facebook

When advertising on Facebook, a company can reach a lot of potential customers all over the world. While this is mostly true, it is wise for an entrepreneur to understand a few things. In fact, here are eight things you must know before advertising on Facebook. Anywhere in the world: When advertising, whether one is(…)

The Modern Day Buyer and the Social Media Movement

It’s an undoubted fact that the sales process has evolved significantly over the last few years. Indeed, it’s almost indistinguishable from its decade-old counterpart, what with the true dawning of the digital age and, more over, the advent of social media; the buyer now has more knowledge, more power and is altogether more aware of(…)

Facebook Ads – Online Reporting Guide from Feb 2010

I stumbled across this Facebook reporting guide for those who are interested in running Facebook ads, or already are! It’s called “Facebook Online Campaign Reports: Product Guide for Brand Advertisers”. Since it was created earlier this year, I’m sure there’s some content that could be outdated – i.e. like vs. fan. That said, it is(…)

Increase In Display Ad Views Creates More Facebook Growth

Increase In Display Ad Views Creates More Facebook Growth

If there is one thing that Facebook has gotten good at over the last few years it is in its ability to generate publicity and to create growth for themselves. This is true for many reasons and continues to occur. Due to the extensive increase in ads on Facebook, and mind you these are only(…)

Facebook Phasing Out Microsoft Ads for More ‘Social’ Ads

When Microsoft invested $240 million to take a small stake in Facebook, the deal almost more about securing an ad deal as it was an equity investment. Now, almost two years later, Microsoft is starting to see some of its advertising pulled as Facebook continues to create its own ad options and revenue models. According(…)

Target Your Facebook Fans by Location and Language

There is a cool new feature we noticed on our Facebook Page yesterday – the ability to target updates to users in specific locations users accessing Facebook via a specific language. This feature is a welcome addition for those folks looking to better target their fans without overwhelming the collective with unnecessary information. Here’s how(…)

Use Google Adwords To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising

Do you run a Google Adwords campaign? Are you considering Facebook advertising or currently running a campaign? Then this tip is for you! You probably don’t think of these two forms of advertising as going hand in hand, however, you can use the Google AdWords Demographic Performance Report and ad version reports to your advantage.(…)

Facebook Marketing and Advertising Tips

As with all marketing channels, you must consider the mindset of the user. Unlike advertising on Google or Yahoo you need to think about targeting a user (or group of users) who is part of a demographic rather than a specific keywords.  The concept of targeting a ‘query’ needs to be thrown out the window!(…)