5 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Advertising on Facebook is an excellent way to reach a large number of consumers.  Facebook ads offer a cost effective marketing option that every business should consider.  As more people join Facebook every day, the opportunity to reach millions of consumers continues to grow for every business.  In order to increase the success you have when advertising on Facebook, you will need to optimize your campaigns so that you get the best results.  Here are a few tips to help you optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

Test Several Headlines

Your headline is an important aspect of your Facebook ad.  The headline is the first thing a user will see and will determine whether or not the rest of the ad is read.  If you do not have a compelling headline, you could be missing out numerous sales as your Facebook ads go unnoticed.  When optimizing your headlines, come up with several different options and your ads using a different headline one at a time.  Track the number of clicks you receive with each headline to determine which one is the most effective.

Include Images

Including images with your Facebook ads is a great way to improve their effectiveness.  When creating Facebook ads that contain images, you will want to split test the effectiveness of each image as well.  By tracking the results of each image, you will be able to see which one is the most effective image to use in your ad.

Try Changing your Ad Copy

Your ad copy is the most important aspect of your Facebook ads.  Without quality, attention grabbing ad copy, you will not obtain the results you are capable of.  Try getting into the mindset of your target audience when writing your ad copy to help improve your Facebook ad results.  If you are selling a product, list the benefits associated with your product.  Whenever you make a change to your ad copy, you will want to track the results to see if the new copy is outperforming your previous ads.  By keeping records of every ad copy that you use, you will easily be able to see which Facebook ads you are currently running are the most effective.

Find Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is vital when looking to run a successful Facebook ad campaign.  Doing a bit of market research before you start an ad campaign will help you see who your target audience is.  Once you have this information, you will want to filter your Facebook ads to only appear for your target audience, ensuring that you do not waste money showing your ads to people who are not interested in your product or service.

Track Conversions

To fully optimize your Facebook ads, you will want to track all of your conversions.  Understanding where your conversions are coming from will help you determine which Facebook ads are the most effective.  If a specific ad is generating a lot of clicks but not many conversions, this ad is just costing you money and can be removed for your active campaign.  It is important that you only run ads that generate conversions, so that you can receive the highest ROI possible with your Facebook ad campaign.

Nic is a social media expert, specializing in Facebook advertising as part of his clients web marketing campaigns. With social media becoming a great avenue for marketing your business, it’s also important to optimize and test in the same way that you would with a traditional CPM or CPC campaign to get the best from your spend.

Facebook Updates: Page Insights, FBML, Negative Feedback and More

I wanted to send along some of the latest Facebook updates shared by one of our reps.

An interesting development (or least news to me) is the Negative Feedback Stat for Insights. This is not a sentiment analysis, as is stated below, but appears to be a 2.0 version of unsubscribes and unLikes for individual posts. I am not seeing this in the Insights dashboard or exported file for any pages yet – please leave a comment below if you have, otherwise, this is likely in a beta rollout.

With that said, here are some of the more interesting and upcoming Facebook updates.

  • FBML Apps and non-HTTPS will stop working on January 1, 2012
    • As previously messaged, Facebook will be fully transitioning to iFrames and secure browsing via HTTPS. iFrames are Facebook’s new framework for serving content on canvas pages and Page tabs
  • Facebook Page Insights
    • A new Page Insights eLearning module can be found here:
    • With the launch of the new Page Insights, we’ll slowly be deprecating the old PI. Page admins will see warnings in the old Insights informing them of this upcoming change. Data will continue to be available through the old Insights for 1 month, with all data deleted and access to the old Insights removed on February 15, 2012
  • Negative Feedback Stat
    • Facebook now show admins the number of unique users that gave negative feedback on a Page post so that they better understand which posts resonate with their audience. Please note this is not sentiment analysis.
    • Negative feedback is a unique count of people who hid the post or reported it as spam in their News Feed.
  • IO Advertisers can now boost any post from any Page
    • IO clients can now create Facebook ads from any post made on any Page, even if they don’t own the Page. The ability to boost any post creates new opportunities for a advertisers, especially those who use celebrity or athlete endorsements. It can be used to support product/ movie launches, product promotions or events, and general brand awareness campaigns. (example, a film studio can boost Page posts by a featured actor who posts a trailer for an upcoming film)
    • This feature is only availabie through IO for Premium and Marketplace, and not in self serve or the API
  • Facebook Studio Awards: December 31st deadline approaching
    • Enter your best campaigns by clicking the “Submit Your Work” button at:

Have you come across any Facebook or Page updates that I missed above? Please share them in the comments!

How Local Businesses Can Use Facebook Ads

Whether a business is looking for new customers or trying to reach out to their existing ones, Facebook Ads are a great way to go. Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the web. With millions of users getting on every day, multiple times per day, it’s a wonder why businesses haven’t actively pursued this venue. The existence of Facebook Ads is, however, still young and many people do not know how to use it to the fullest. Below are some tips to help businesses get started on their Facebook campaigns.

Getting Your Facebook Ads Approved

First Obstacle that businesses will encounter is the ad approval process. Facebook Ads strongly advises for all users to use their guidelines page to get approved quickly. This process can take up to six hours because of the volume of ads.

Timing Your Facebook Ads Release

After the ad is approved, it will need to be releases at a specific time of day. This is because an ad’s likelihood of being successful lies in the first couple of hours of release. The time is dependent on when your audience is logging in. So, the ad creator needs to have a firm understanding of who their audience is and when they will likely log into Facebook.

For Example a university offering online training would be best released at 3 pm or 4 pm dependent on when a local high school ends for the day. Their audience is students and working adults, so it might be better to release the ad at 4 pm as more adults are getting off work around that time.

Creating a Enticing Title and Image

However, just because a company releases an ad, it doesn’t mean anyone will click on it. The next step is to create an image and an enticing title. These are both important to increase clicks on the ad. If the image does not lure the audience or the title doesn’t entice, the ad will not be clicked. Once again the company needs to figure out who their audience is in order to present the right message to them. In the case of the university, it would be best to include a very specific image for a specific degree and then a message to show them they can do “that” too (whatever the image shows).

Refine Your Facebook Ad Targets

As a business continues their ad campaign, they will want to continue refining their targets. They will want to measure what groups are clicking what and create ads for those groups. They can do this by creating categories such as age and gender. Doing so, they can refine their ad-making process and learn more about their targets.

Review Your Facebook Ads Performance

The next step is to review the amounts of clicks per ad. The ones that receive the most clicks are the most useful ads to continue running. The others can be trashed.

Facebook Ads is really the best platform to reach more people. As households change their preferences from TV to Netflix, Businesses will need to find a new venue to advertise and find new customers. Because Facebook houses multiple users at different times a day, it is great place to find new customers. As long as the ads are not too pushy, businesses should be able to entice users to use their products

Thomas is a contributing author at Technected.

Increase In Display Ad Views Creates More Facebook Growth

Increase In Display Ad Views Creates More Facebook Growth

Facebook Display Ads

If there is one thing that Facebook has gotten good at over the last few years it is in its ability to generate publicity and to create growth for themselves. This is true for many reasons and continues to occur. Due to the extensive increase in ads on Facebook, and mind you these are only self generated ads on the homepage, not even outside ads, they have surpassed Yahoo and Microsoft in their number of impressions. This just shows, not only how much they have grown, but also how much they do and how well they relate to their customers if they are willing to click and use them.

One thing that many people do not consider when they are going to their favorite page or they log onto Facebook are the ads, however, apparently enough people are doing so that this is becoming a larger than life revenue source for the company. When you think about how much time you are there and all of the different things you say and do while there you need to ask yourself why you do not need to pay for this. What you need to realize is that the people who are paying to advertise on Facebook in order to be able to advertise all of us who are so entrenched and wanting to use this service are providing a great source for people to go to and in many ways be attracted to what it is that they have to offer.

What we do not realize, is that even if we do not spend our money on one of the products advertised or shown at that time, the fact that we have been made aware of it, or we remember what we saw has already worked to the advantage of the company with the ad. Consider that you will more likely buy something if you recognize the name and have at some point seen it somewhere before. If this happens because you saw the ad on Facebook, then the money that was spent to put the ad there was a success. What many of us do not realize is the number of ads on Facebook because we just assume it is a normal part of the page. That is because they are well disguised into the page and do their jobs very effectively.

What we are seeing is an internet phenomenon that is not only limited to Facebook as Yahoo and Microsoft have been doing it for far longer, but what we are seeing is the takeover of the ads by Facebook as their revenues continue to climb. Just think, in essence you are paying for Facebook, if you are paying for any of the products advertised there. Your money will at some point in some way end up paying for the ad that was there in order for you to purchase the product. A vicious cycle if you think about it.

What are your thoughts on Facebook advertising? Have you tried it? Have you clicked on an ad yourself?

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