Facebook 2012 – The Latest on Everyone’s Favorite Social Network

The Latest on Facebook’s IPO, User Statistics and More

We’re already halfway through 2012, but for sure, we’ve all spent way too much time on Facebook in spite of resolutions that may have been made at the beginning of the year. There is simply something about Facebook that it hard to resist, even though there are a lot of things that can get annoying about it as well.

One cannot discount the story behind the founding of the world’s biggest social network. Even if you have not watched the movie or read the book, you surely have an inkling about its founder, Mark Zuckerberg and how he built Facebook.

On top of its origins, Facebook has simply become so big in such a short amount of time that anyone who has had some entrepreneurial aspirations would not be able to help but show admiration. Hate it or love it, there are lessons to be learned from the story that is Facebook.

Want to keep updated on the stats and other pieces of trivia about the social network that has a love-hate relationship with its users? Check out this infographic focusing on Facebook this 2012. Some tidbits:

  • There are 845 million MONTHLY active users. And that was during the making of the infographic. I am rather sure the number has gone up!
  • 2.5 million photos are uploaded daily
  • 20 minutes is spent per visit (on the average); do you spend just as much time per visit?

Read more about games, Zuckerberg himself, and money below.

2012 Facebook Statistics
2012 Facebook Stats

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Martine Kessler, just like everyone else, is always on Facebook. That is, if she’s not deep into her infographic design work. Aside from Facebook, you can also find her tweeting and writing for many other platforms.

Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned

Social media platforms have proved to be very useful within the world of business in recent years and it seems that every company worth their salt has a profile on at least one social media platform. Uses vary from brand awareness and search engine optimization to cultivating a forum style environment for communication with customers.

One brand doing very well on the social media front is online jewelery store Boticca. Their stunning products and loyal customer base have made for the natural building of popularity in their social media platform especially Facebook, with their 27,000 likes and Pinterest with their 700 followers.

With the aim of gaining a fuller understanding into their customers and how they act while using social media, Boticca took a sample of visitors to each site, (Facebook and Pinterest) and compared their habits.

Their infographic explains their findings. The ‘5 Things we have learned’ informative diagram gives insights into conversion rates, customer engagement, new users and sales.


Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned was researched and compiled by Boticca.

Facebook vs. Pinterest Marketing
Facebook vs. Pinterest – 5 Things We’ve Learned

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Facebook Attempting To Overtake Smartphone Arena with Glancee Acquisition

Facebook takes another step on its way to the domination over the social smartphone environment. This time, it’s Glancee, a social network based on the location of people that are near you. A little less than a month after its acquisition of Instagram, Facebook has acquired the competitive location-based social application called Glancee.

Amid its efforts to stay updated the latest trends of the changing technological advancements, Facebook penned down another deal to acquire Glancee – an endeavor to get hold of smartphone arena. This step by Facebook is seen as an attempt to settle its dominance in the smartphone world.

Facebook said in a statement:

“we are delighted to confirm that Facebook has acquired Glancee. The acquisition closed today. We can expect co-founder Andrea, Alberto and Gabriel to join the Facebook team to work on products that help people discover new places and share them with friends.”

Facebook has not disclosed the terms of acquisition of Glancee yet. Recall that less than a month ago Facebook took the mobile platform based on sharing photos, Instagram, for $1 billion, now the largest social network in the world has said that his sights are set on the mobile environment.

For those unfamiliar with the application, the concept allows users to meet new people who also use the application and are near to your location, providing details which you have in common— as friends or colleagues. Apparently, this acquisition by Facebook could come from the hand of a major update to its mobile app that allows the user to also add options of location and image editing if you choose to also share with Instagram filters.

It’s easier to buy companies and polish them to get to work on something new and this may be the secret behind these purchases, but you never know, at the end of the day you still did not understand why Mark Zuckerberg bought FriendFeed for example, or is it possible that it was simply a competitive play.

What are your thoughts on the latest acquisitions by Facebook?

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1B – Recap

I know this is a bit behind but, in brief, the world’s biggest social network acquired the world’s biggest mobile social network on April 9, 2012.

This does not mean that Instagram’s platform will simply be absorbed into FB and disappear. Zuckerberg’s explanation:

“We believe these are different experiences that complement each other. But in order to do this well, we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram’s strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook…. That’s why we’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently…. We will try to learn from Instagram’s experience to build similar features into our other products.”

One of the better POV’s on on why Facebook decided to buy Instagram came from the LA Times. One of my favorite lines:

“The San Francisco startup has just 13 employees. That works out to be $76 million per employee.”

Additional Resources on the Acquisition:

Mark Zuckerberg Announces it on his Timeline

Facebook Press Release

Biz Week Coverage

Mashable Coverage

Facebook Ad A/B Split Testing Ideas – Infographic

Not too long ago, I offered a handful of tips on optimizing your Facebook ad campaigns.

Below, I wanted to offer some suggestions to test and optimize your Facebook ad creative. Testing should be a constant tactic to improve your results and, while some of these options won’t be available via Facebook advertising, there should be a handful of suggestions to spur the imagination!

Pay special attention to the photo A/B testing options as these tend to drive the highest lifts in performance across Facebook.

Ad Design Tips - Infographic
AdChop – More Profitable Ad Campaigns

Facebook [Next Generation] Open Graph Apps

Everyone has likely seen Spotify popping up in their News Feeds since last year, but Facebook continues to roll out new Open Graph apps – over 60 in just the last few weeks. With that in mind, I wanted to share a quick overview of how Open Graph apps are starting to (and can) be utilized.

Entertainment is the most robust category so far, with over 18 associated apps available. It is also important to note that Timeline, once optional, is now mandatory and is rumored to be available for businesses soon. With that in mind, OG apps should be developed with Timeline in mind to ensure the widest audience.

The general concept to embrace is frictionless sharing. Open Graph apps require users to allow continuous publishing permission and feature actions that can be automatically shared, rather than explicitly asking users to share individual actions (i.e. the Like button plugin).

A few high-level notes on who and what has rolled something out:


  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Grab-a-Badge (http://social.ford.com/grab-a-badge)
  • AutoTrader


  • News – Washington Post, Yahoo! News, USA Today
  • Travel – Where I’ve Been, TripAdvisor
  • Giving – Causes
  • Food – Foodily, Foodspotting
  • Shopping & Fashion – Pinterest, LivingSocial (no Groupon!), GiftRocket
  • Fitness – MapMyFitness, RunKeeper
  • Entertainment – Hulu, TicketMaster, StubHub, DailyMotion,

Noticeably absent:

  • YouTube
  • Groupon

There is also a distinction to be make between how app activity appears in the News Feed/Ticker and users’ actual Timelines. In short, there are more aesthetic and functional options available now than ever before.

In terms of visibility, there are two algorithms at play in the News Feed: EdgeRank and Graph Rank. EdgeRank priority is mostly governed by an item’s affinity, weight and time, relevant to a user’s personal network. At this point, not much is known about the parameters for Graph Rank. In brief:

  1. EdgeRank dictates what “normal” status items appear in any given user’s feed.
  2. Graph Rank determines how Open Graph application activity is distributed.

Feel free to browse all 60 apps and watch some of FB’s ultra PR-friendly video overviews. Enjoy.

How to Market Your Biz on Facebook – 3 Simple Tips

About 70% of small companies market themselves on Facebook, online business network MerchantCircle reports. Use the site the right way, and you’ll turn fans into customers.

Take it Offline

Give followers a compelling reason to get to the point of purchase. You might offer, say, a discount or promo T-shirt if your fans come to your store and say a certain word, says Patrick Schwerdtfeger, author of Webify Your Business. Similarily, you could promote events via Facebook the way Anna B’s Gluten Free Bakery in Richmond does – the business posts on its wall when its fresh bread will be delivered to Whole Foods.

Build Hype

Rather than simply plugging products, get people excited about them. Schwerdtfeger suggests using the status update to post questions that will spark conversation – a camera retailer might say, “Most people use our underwater camera to take pictures of friends at pools. Where have you used yours?” Yeti Coolers in Austin uses a monthly themed photo contest to get people psyched about its wares; the winner gets a free cooler.

Form Relationships

Don’t just post and let the conversation die. Respond to comments, even complaints. “You want people to not only be aware of your brand, but engage with it,” syas Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible. Direct contact builds loyalty, which builds business!

What methods can you suggest to help grow your business through Facebook? Leave your tips in the comments!

Rumor Mill: Facebook to File for IPO Next Week

The long-awaited tech IPO of the year — perhaps of the decade — is on. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will file its paperwork for an Initial Public Offering this coming Wednesday. As you might expect, the Wall Street Journal’s source remains unnamed, however, The Journal has a track record for breaking such stories that is hard to dispute.

The social network is expected to be the largest tech IPO in history – topping out at an estimated $10 billion. To put that into perspective, Google’s 2005 IPO didn’t even reach the $2 billion mark.

There seem to be a number of signals pointing to an IPO in the near future – with one of the strongest signals being Facebook’s halted trading in secondary markets for three days earlier this week.

What are your expectations for Facebook finally going IPO? Will it bring about negative or positive change for the company? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Advertising on Facebook is an excellent way to reach a large number of consumers.  Facebook ads offer a cost effective marketing option that every business should consider.  As more people join Facebook every day, the opportunity to reach millions of consumers continues to grow for every business.  In order to increase the success you have when advertising on Facebook, you will need to optimize your campaigns so that you get the best results.  Here are a few tips to help you optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

Test Several Headlines

Your headline is an important aspect of your Facebook ad.  The headline is the first thing a user will see and will determine whether or not the rest of the ad is read.  If you do not have a compelling headline, you could be missing out numerous sales as your Facebook ads go unnoticed.  When optimizing your headlines, come up with several different options and your ads using a different headline one at a time.  Track the number of clicks you receive with each headline to determine which one is the most effective.

Include Images

Including images with your Facebook ads is a great way to improve their effectiveness.  When creating Facebook ads that contain images, you will want to split test the effectiveness of each image as well.  By tracking the results of each image, you will be able to see which one is the most effective image to use in your ad.

Try Changing your Ad Copy

Your ad copy is the most important aspect of your Facebook ads.  Without quality, attention grabbing ad copy, you will not obtain the results you are capable of.  Try getting into the mindset of your target audience when writing your ad copy to help improve your Facebook ad results.  If you are selling a product, list the benefits associated with your product.  Whenever you make a change to your ad copy, you will want to track the results to see if the new copy is outperforming your previous ads.  By keeping records of every ad copy that you use, you will easily be able to see which Facebook ads you are currently running are the most effective.

Find Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is vital when looking to run a successful Facebook ad campaign.  Doing a bit of market research before you start an ad campaign will help you see who your target audience is.  Once you have this information, you will want to filter your Facebook ads to only appear for your target audience, ensuring that you do not waste money showing your ads to people who are not interested in your product or service.

Track Conversions

To fully optimize your Facebook ads, you will want to track all of your conversions.  Understanding where your conversions are coming from will help you determine which Facebook ads are the most effective.  If a specific ad is generating a lot of clicks but not many conversions, this ad is just costing you money and can be removed for your active campaign.  It is important that you only run ads that generate conversions, so that you can receive the highest ROI possible with your Facebook ad campaign.

Nic is a social media expert, specializing in Facebook advertising as part of his clients web marketing campaigns. With social media becoming a great avenue for marketing your business, it’s also important to optimize and test in the same way that you would with a traditional CPM or CPC campaign to get the best from your spend.

Facebook Chat Emoticons: The :Putnam: Code Still Works

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time on Facebook Chat. Invariably, everyone gets tired of walls of text. Or, your sentiment might be heavier with a picture. So, looking for a way to spruce up your Facebook chats? I’ve compiled a list of all of the Facebook emoticons that can be used within the chat feature. Simply use the keyboard to put in the letters/numbers/symbols and when you send the message, the emoticon will appear! You may want to keep this list secret, everyone will want to know how to have a penguin show up in the chat window.

You may be curious about the :Putnam: face. Well I have the answer! Chris Putnam was an engineer for Facebook, and his face adorned one of the first login pages of Facebook.

I can only assume he thought it would be funny to program himself into the site. The :Putnam: code still works, and by this time I’m sure everyone at Facebook HQ is aware of it and have elected to keep it as a funny joke. And I’m sure Putnam himself is enjoying the fame!

Use his face and all the others to impress and befuddle your friends! There are a lot of Facebook emoticons, which ones are your favorites?