10 Best Games on Facebook

10 Best Games on Facebook

There are a lot of people on Facebook; folks are almost shocked when they learn that someone they know doesn’t have an account. People do everything on Facebook from share things that are important to them, connect with old friends, plan events and play games.

Facebook is rife with games, some of which aren’t just games anymore by pop culture sensations. There are a lot of games, and some of the titles available via this social site are absolute gems. Other games are downright lousy.

With so many gaming options to choose from on this social site, how does one know which games to play. While trial and error can work, Facebook gamers will end up wasting a lot of time trying out absolutely abysmal titles and probably ending up with a few malicious apps invading their system in the process.

There are several places where you can find information on the best games that Facebook has to offer, and this is just one such spot. Here are 10 of the best games on Facebook that you will most likely love.

1.) Bejeweled Blitz. This 60 second gem swapping melee is one of the most popular games in the world. Easy to play and highly addictive, gameplay continues to stay challenging overtime. Comparing scores with your friends can give players a competitive spirit, and new bonuses and special gems give gamers just another reason to keep coming back.

2.) FarmVille. There are many imitators and many games modeled after this one, but FarmVille is the original. Tending to crops doesn’t sound like that much fun, but this game is huge. Easy to play and fun, the social aspect where your friends can assist you with tasks and look in on your crops makes it a perfect fit for Facebook.

3.) Texas Hold’em Poker. This is one of the top games on Facebook and the top poker game in the world. Texas Hold’em Poker has become a phenomenon, with folks all over the world watching it in their living rooms and playing in their kitchens, so it only makes sense that you can now play from your desktop too.

4.) CityVille. This top game is used monthly by about 49 million people, making it the most played game on Facebook. As the name suggests, it has a lot in common with FarmVille, except now instead of harvesting crops and building a farm, you have an urban center to struggle with.

5.) The Sims Social. The Sims and the other Sim games that have come before it have been much loved games for about two decades, so it is no surprise that there is now a version of Facebook. Not as comprehensive as one of their off Facebook games, this social version lets you play with your friends for free.

6.) Words With Friends. This poplar Scrabble-like game became a mobile sensation as an app for the iPhone and iPad. Now available on multiple mobile platforms, it is also on Facebook. The game is fully integrated so you can play on Facebook or your mobile app against people on Facebook or on their phones. It is a terribly fun and addictive game for all ages.

7.) Tetris Battle. Tetris has been a top, much loved videogame title since the 1980s. Once a big name for console systems, this addictive puzzle game has popped up in several places online. It only makes sense that it has found a home on Facebook.

8.) Slotomania. People love to gamble, and when they can’t gamble, they love to play games that make it feel like gambling. You don’t have to be an adult to get into the fun of this popular Facebook game.

9.) Cafè World. As television chefs have turned into super celebrities, more and more people daydream about opening restaurants. Now instead of just daydreaming, they can do it virtually with this extremely popular game.

10.) Empires & Allies. This fun game lets you build up your own forces and secure your own territory. You do get to work with your friends, however, to defeat the Dark Alliance, which seems just social enough to be ideal for Facebook and a good time for you.

Zynga Rumors: Is The Farmville Application Leaving Facebook?

zynga-farmville-thumbZynga is one of the largest gaming platforms on the Facebook network right now. You may have heard of the game Farmville, one of the largest and longest running games thus far on Facebook. With millions of users, there is little doubt that Farmville alone could not be abandoned easily. Still, there are currently rumors that Zynga and Facebook are in somewhat of a war against each other.

Application developers are watching this rumor closely as it could signal a switch in the way that people interact with games on Facebook. Fox News recently picked up the rumor. According to Fox News, “Sources at Facebook described Zynga as a bad actor, which is putting profits before its users, and suggested that if the situation persisted it would be best if Zynga’s games left Facebook altogether.”

However, many people are not believing this. The fact is, it is unlikely that Facebook suggest that Zynga leave the Facebook Platform. It is unlikely that Facebook would want Zynga to just go away. The numbers speak of themselves. Consider the fact that Zynga’s Farmville sees some 24 million people every single day. If you compare this to the number of users who sign in to Facebook each day, it would amount to one tenth of all Facebook users.

Why would the two companies go to war? This is where there are even more rumors and speculation. With Facebook’s new payment methods it is requiring all games to collect money solely through the Facebook payment methods rather than through the individual games. In games like Farmville, the application is free to use but users can purchase additions to the game at minimal costs. Currently, they are making such purchases through the Farmville game, through the Facebook Platform. However, Facebook wants all of these funds channeled through their Facebook payment method which would standardize the process. However, Farmville users, like those of other games, are not happy about the switch. Estimates are that Facebook collects some 30 percent of every purchase made through their games, including through Zynga’s games.

In addition to this, keep in mind that Facebook’s security measures, including the way that security settings are ever changing and the way that “gifts” are able to be sent to and from users, have become more challenging for the game players. In addition, players have complained about the slow movement of Facebook in the game as well as lost gifts and other complications.

What has lead to additional speculation is the recent promotion that Zynga has done to encourage players to move to the platform. While it is likely that players will still sign in to Facebook through to access their current account, the move to its own platform like this could be some fuel behind the angry that Facebook is displaying toward Zynga.

Could this mean a break for the two companies? It is unlikely. Both are quite dependent on each other. It may mean some changes in the near future for game players and for Facebook users, though.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Facebook is making