10 Best Games on Facebook

10 Best Games on Facebook

There are a lot of people on Facebook; folks are almost shocked when they learn that someone they know doesn’t have an account. People do everything on Facebook from share things that are important to them, connect with old friends, plan events and play games. Facebook is rife with games, some of which aren’t just(…)

Zynga Rumors: Is The Farmville Application Leaving Facebook?

Zynga is one of the largest gaming platforms on the Facebook network right now. You may have heard of the game Farmville, one of the largest and longest running games thus far on Facebook. With millions of users, there is little doubt that Farmville alone could not be abandoned easily. Still, there are currently rumors that Zynga and Facebook are in somewhat of a war against each other.

Application developers are watching this rumor closely as it could signal a switch in the way that people interact with games on Facebook. Fox News recently picked up the rumor. According to Fox News, “Sources at Facebook described Zynga as a bad actor, which is putting profits before its users, and suggested that if the situation persisted it would be best if Zynga’s games left Facebook altogether.”