How Facebook Video Chat Compares to the Competition

Facebook has pretty much become the center for all internet socializing. With the new Facebook video chat feature, it may have even given the competition a run for its money. You never have to leave the social network now that you have video chat, which allows you to communicate with friends on a more face(…)

Skype Coming to Facebook to Power Facebook Video Chat

Facebook is one of the most far-reaching social networks in existence and like it or not for many less technical savvy users Facebook is the Internet. Also consider the fact that over the last few years video chat has received a huge boom in public consciousness thanks to things like Apple’s Facetime and Oprah’s open(…)

How To: Move Facebook Photos To Picasa (Google Photos)

With the rise of Google+ folks are scrambling to transfer everything from photos to Facebook friends in an effort to build out their Google+ profiles as quickly as possible. With that in mind, I’m sure there’s more than one way to easily transfer your Facebook photos and albums to Google’s Picasa service (soon to be(…)

Facebook Fan Page Strategy: Content Automation

The other day I wrote about some Facebook page content strategies to consider based on the goal(s) you are looking to accomplish. Today, I wanted to focus on another issue often encountered when managing a Facebook page – regularly updating your Page content. Automating Your Facebook Page Content The simplest way to save yourself countless(…)

Fan Page Content Strategy – Creating Targeted Facebook Content

For brands, one of the most frustrating aspects of running a Facebook Page is determining exactly what content to syndicate. The answer can be just as frustrating … it depends.  The trick is to publish great custom content alongside automatic updates with the following goals in mind: Increasing Website Traffic: When you want an increase(…)

How Local Businesses Can Use Facebook Ads

Whether a business is looking for new customers or trying to reach out to their existing ones, Facebook Ads are a great way to go. Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the web. With millions of users getting on every day, multiple times per day, it’s a wonder why businesses haven’t actively(…)

EdgeRank: Simple Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Feed

Consider this: more than 90% of all Facebook comments and Likes are coming from the newsfeeds rather than an actual Facebook Page. The reality is most Facebook fans do not come back to the actual Facebook Page, rather the key to visibility is via your news feed. EdgeRank Optimization = News Feed Optimization Facebook shows(…)

Facebook Influence & Klout Score Can Score You Perks on Fan Pages

Thanks to Involver’s new Fan page applications, your Facebook influence (or Klout score), will determine your access level to select brand pages on Facebook — and it could score you perks. Involver has teamed up with social influence tracking company Klout to release a set of Facebook applications that brands can use to tailor their(…)

Get More Facebook Likes With These Simple Tips

Facebook recently provided Danny Sullivan with a plethora of stats during his research for this article. Some of those statistics revolved around data related to the best placement of the Like button in order to get Facebook likes. In this day and age of ‘everything social’ it is more and more important to have a(…)