Facebook Advertising Campaign Management Enhancements from Marin Software

For those of you running Facebook Advertising, you’ll want to listen up to the recent updates Marin Software recently announced. Perhaps, better known for their paid search management software, Marin’s partnership with Facebook has put them at the leading edge of performance marketing tools. Facebook advertising tends to require more time and upkeep due to(…)

Making Your Facebook Profile Appropriate for Employers

Facebook is an incredible place to connect with friends, communicate with your favorite brands and catch up with far-away family, but it can also work to your advantage in your career and other areas of your life if you use it correctly. With the explosion in popularity of Facebook in recent years, it doesn’t matter if you’re(…)

Facebook Posting via Apps Cuts Likes & Comments by 88%

Does posting to Facebook via third-party apps make any difference on the number of ‘Likes” and/or comments your posts receive? What about Facebook’s algorithm? Does the algorithm discriminate or suppress content management applications? The Facebook Posting Test The creators of Edgerank Checker, Applum, decided to try and find out by reviewing more than a million Facebook updates(…)

Facebook Product Updates: News Feed, Ticker, Timeline and More!

If you’ve logged into your Facebook account lately, it’s likely you’ve taken notice of a number of new features. With that in mind, I wanted to share some updates about Facebook’s most recent product launches and provide you with details to share with your colleagues and clients. Facebook believes that businesses will be better in(…)

Facebook Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Timeline Recap from F8

As you probably already know, Facebook made some major announcements during their f8 developers summit in late September. The important question resulting from these announcements is, what does this mean for advertisers? I will personally wait until some of the dust settles to make any hasty judgements, however, one thing is for certain: Brands will have(…)

Facebook for Business Launches Education Center Online

There has been a lot of press and conversation around the launch of Google+. One thing that has been glaringly missing from the new social network, however, is a ‘place’ for businesses to promote their brands – such as Facebook Pages. To make that issue even more obvious, Facebook has just released Facebook for Business(…)

Facebook Static FBML App Decommission Roadmap

I recently wrote about a Facebook security update for apps that kicked in on October 1st. It looks like Facebook will be making some changes to FBML as well in the near future. While you haven’t been able to create FBML apps since March, they still work. That’s not going to be the case in(…)

Major Facebook Security Changes Oct 1 Audit your Applications Now!

On October 1, 2011, Facebook will make a mandatory change to all applications, as per the Facebook Developer Roadmap. Any affected application not updated before the change will become inoperable. It is imperative that you audit any/all client Facebook apps/experiences in order to ascertain if they will be affected by these changes. Again, these changes(…)

Facebook Marketing Ideas – 5 Tips to Generate Business Leads

Businesses have discovered Facebook in a big way, and are becoming quite adept at establishing their presence on the social network, both as a way to broadcast their messages, and also as a way to engage and interact with customers, or “fans.” However, only the savviest recognize Facebook as a way to generate leads. Establish(…)

Facebook and Social Networking Tools for Mac

Looking for places to market your products or services? While Facebook is the clear leader in targeting and reach, be sure not to overlook additional social networking sites such as Twitter and YouTube! Just what is a social networking site and how can it help you? It is a place on the Web where people(…)