How Far Can The Law Control Social Media?

The open nature of the Internet makes it a bewildering place for newcomers. Back in 2009, security breaches and illegal activities led computer giant IBM to state “that the Internet has finally taken on the characteristics of the Wild West where no one is to be trusted.” What are law enforcement agencies dealing with? Just(…)

How to Time your Facebook Posts to Increase Engagement Rates?

Facebook has users from all over the world, logging in pretty much all through the day, sharing, liking and communicating. When it comes to Facebook, as surprising as it may sound, timing is really important. What you say doesn’t just need to sound good enough to get noticed, it also has to be posted at(…)

Don’t Tell Facebook Anything You Wouldn’t Want Grandma To Hear

When Facebook made its timeline profiles mandatory, many users cringed as they relived past relationships and embarrassing nights out. So did all of their friends and family, who could now see what was probably best forgotten. Suddenly, it became apparent just how well Facebook remembers. It remembers that time you “liked” Budweiser, and it remembers(…)

Big Facebook Event Tomorrow – Rumors and Speculation

As many of you may have already read in the news, Facebook is holding a launch event tomorrow to announce new initiatives. Lots of speculation around this event, including a Facebook phone – codenamed Buffy. But one thing is clear that there is some significant announcement that Facebook is going to make tomorrow, as Facebook(…)

Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned

Social media platforms have proved to be very useful within the world of business in recent years and it seems that every company worth their salt has a profile on at least one social media platform. Uses vary from brand awareness and search engine optimization to cultivating a forum style environment for communication with customers.(…)

Facebook Attempting To Overtake Smartphone Arena with Glancee Acquisition

Facebook takes another step on its way to the domination over the social smartphone environment. This time, it’s Glancee, a social network based on the location of people that are near you. A little less than a month after its acquisition of Instagram, Facebook has acquired the competitive location-based social application called Glancee. Amid its(…)

Facebook [Next Generation] Open Graph Apps

Everyone has likely seen Spotify popping up in their News Feeds since last year, but Facebook continues to roll out new Open Graph apps – over 60 in just the last few weeks. With that in mind, I wanted to share a quick overview of how Open Graph apps are starting to (and can) be(…)

How to Market Your Biz on Facebook – 3 Simple Tips

About 70% of small companies market themselves on Facebook, online business network MerchantCircle reports. Use the site the right way, and you’ll turn fans into customers. Take it Offline Give followers a compelling reason to get to the point of purchase. You might offer, say, a discount or promo T-shirt if your fans come to(…)