New Software Developers Kit for Facebook

There has been a lot of talk about the Twitter and Facebook  integration with Xbox and Microsoft continues to prove they recognize social networking as part of the mainstream (and more than likely a source of revenue as well). Microsoft has just released a new SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) for Facebook, which was built to(…)

Xbox Live Integrating Facebook & Twitter Next Week

Just yesterday I wrote about Facebook being integrated into Playstation 3 and now official news from Xbox regarding their own social integration. If you didn’t get into the Preview Program for Xbox LIVE’s forthcoming social networking integrations featuring Twitter, Facebook and last.fm support, don’t worry — you don’t have too much longer to wait. According(…)

Facebook Marketing and Advertising Tips

As with all marketing channels, you must consider the mindset of the user. Unlike advertising on Google or Yahoo you need to think about targeting a user (or group of users) who is part of a demographic rather than a specific keywords.  The concept of targeting a ‘query’ needs to be thrown out the window!(…)

Breaking: Facebook Being Integrated into Playstation 3

Xbox LIVE recently released a Dashboard Update that adds social networking integrations with Facebook, Twitter and last.fm. While not available to everyone the preview mode is being syndicated to beta testers and will go live to the public in short order. Perhaps trying to play catchup with Microsoft, Sony apparently has plans to add its(…)

Foo Fighters to Stream Live Concert on Facebook Tomorrow

The Foo Fighters will be streaming a live concert starting at 7 PM PST tomorrow night on Facebook. RSVP to the event, and stream it live. As with Facebook’s other recent video streaming events, users will be invited to update their status messages with their thoughts about the concert, which will draw in even more fans(…)

Facebook’s Most Mentioned Topics of 2009

Facebook, using the millions of daily status updates at its disposal, has announced their ‘most discussed’ topics of 2009. According to the analysis, it would appear that Facebook users care a great deal about: family (#5), Facebook apps (#1), Lady Gaga (#12), and, yes, even Twitter (#10). How Facebook Performed the Analysis Dubbed Facebook Memology,(…)

New Productivity Study Suggests Facebook Costs Billions

An IT Consulting Company – Morse-  estimates that use of social networking sites in general (of which Facebook makes up the vast majority of usage) cost employers upwards of $2.25 billion each year in lost employee productivity. This report is adding fuel to an ever increasing debate surrounding the ban of Facebook in the workplace.(…)