4 Facebook Commandments That You May Not be Aware Of

4 Facebook Commandments That You May Not be Aware Of

Most businesses use facebook as an all around tool to improve their online presence. Unfortunately, there are still some that are not able to hit their mark. Ever wondered what went wrong? After all the trouble, effort and money what could possibly not work? Yes, this may be very hard to consider but this could definitely be with their Facebook marketing strategies.

It is understandable to assume such thing, especially if it is with Facebook, as it is the most popular platform worldwide. If that fact is not amazing enough for you, let me tell you that Facebook gives 75% sale and brand awareness increase for businesses that are able to utilize its business pages and features well.

Here are some unobvious crimes you may be doing that is causing your business’ downfall. It is not too late for a total reform. Better late than never!

1. Post regularly not often

Many do not realize the difference between the two. The goal is to stay active but posting too often does not fulfill this task. Based on audience feedback, 92% claims that seeing posts from the same company over and over again becomes annoying after time. This, later on, causes your target market to unfollow and ignore your marketing content.

Plot a map of schedule that will help you determine the best time to post your content. Categorize them by dividing your posts based on topic and type. We’ve listed below some labels to help you on dividing your content.

  • Fun posts
  • Informational posts
  • Curated posts
  • Blog Posts

2. Avoid leaving senseless comments on people’s posts

Building engagement is one of the key strategies  successful marketers work on every time they run a Facebook marketing campaign. Building engagement invites organic audience and usually provides positive results. It is considered the most proactive and natural type of strategy and yet, the most difficult.

Knowing how to communicate well with your target market is crucial and hard. Current trend, emotional connection and “online etiquette” must be considered before pitching in as communication as we all know is irreversible. It can grow or break your brand and business in no time. This being said, it is advisable to avoid leaving senseless and unnecessary comments and messages on people’s posts. Not only you carry your company’s name but you are also responsible for whatever they will feel and think. Leave them something good to remember

3. Do not ignore negativity

Staying silent in the midst of a controversy is a sign of professionalism. However, staying silent for a very long time can kill your business in silence too! Ignoring negativity is in a totally different level when comes to risks and many aspects of business.

It is best to answer questions properly, politely and shut down accusations before it even reach more people. Be sensitive of your audience and clients’ feedback. By simply checking your inbox, you can already minimize the possibilities of getting demands, refunds, bad criticism, false accusations and many more.

4. Never post Click-Baits

Click-baits are posts that are using intense headlines with unrelated content. This is stooping low. There are a lot of interesting and informational content out there you can find online, all you just need to do is search.

Doing this will just piss your audiences to the extent that they may unfollow you. Worse than that you can be called out for your poor sense of professionalism. Keep in mind that as a marketer, your main purpose is to meet your target market’s needs and to show them that you are the answer. When the headline sets the right expectation, it will be easier for them to see and give value to your efforts. When it doesn’t, they just bounce off.

How Much Time Should Your Business Invest in Facebook?

How Much Time Should Your Business Invest in Facebook?

As the online world continues to move, develop, and grow, businesses need to learn how to adapt to the frequent changes. Facebook has been an important part of marketing for many businesses, but how much time should a business be investing in Facebook now?

The past few years of growth in the social media market have led analysts to believe that Facebook is not a worthwhile advertising tool anymore. But this doesn’t mean you should give up on building a group of Facebook fans or a community around which you can create awareness. The key is to find balance based upon your target market.

Does Facebook Work for Marketing Businesses Anymore?

A recent poll reported that one-third of Facebook users are spending less time on Facebook and more time on other social media apps—especially mobile ones such as Twitter. Facebook is not exciting, new, or interesting to users anymore, so many people are moving on.

Large Internet companies have come in three generations. First came Google and Yahoo—the search engines—to help the Internet get organized. Then, MySpace and Facebook pioneered the social media market leaving Google and Yahoo irrelevant from a social standpoint. Now as the third generation emerges, social apps, such as Twitter, are the most useful and relevant because of the stream of information. None of the largest companies have been able to transition to the next generation successfully.

How Users are Putting Facebook to Use

Facebook is not a marketplace (yet). Instead, it is a controlled way for people to connect with existing friends. Most users completely ignore the ads—and analysts have found them largely ineffective—and use it to interact with people they already know, not to look for new information.

The point here is that Facebook is a relational tool, not so much an advertising platform. So you should plan on spending time building connections and rapport, not just blasting posts with your latest product offerings.

Generally, news breaks first on Twitter because it is accessible and simple. Instead of only connecting with established friends, users can tweet with famous people, organizations, and businesses that they would otherwise be unable to have a personal connection with. Facebook lacks the speed and accessibility that businesses need to reach customers if the goal is fast exposure.

The Investment Decision

In order to decide how much time, if any, to invest in Facebook, study your target customer. Do they use Facebook? How often? Do they use another social media app more often? Has your business seen any benefits from being on Facebook? Look at your marketing strategy to see if your time and resources could be spent more effectively somewhere else.

The key lies in determining whether or not you should use Facebook as a relationship builder or just have a simple presence where people can find you if they search for you. There really is very little in between—either you build aggressively or let it sit. If you try to build a Facebook community half-way, it will be a huge waste of time.

If your target audience is engaged on Facebook and your particular business is about building relationships before and after the sale, then Facebook could very well be one of the best investments of time you could make. But if you’re looking for advertising opportunities, you’ll likely find other sites and social media platforms offer more effective means of connecting with customers.

3 Reasons People Unfriend You on Facebook

3 Reasons People Unfriend You on Facebook

“You have a new friend request from …” and the confusion is started. Who is this person? Where do I know him/her from? Should I accept his/her request?

Many Facebook users turn to a company to buy friends, fans and likes on Facebook for their internet marketing promotion; so you may get such a friend request.

This issue is one of those which arise various feelings in people: fear, irritation, anger, laugh, joy so on. Sometimes we face this difficulty on Facebook: accept this friend request or not? Generally, we accept this kind of questionable requests but it does not take much time in order to regret doing so.

Actually, there are certain things which sooner or later make us unfriend this or that person depending on different reasons. These reasons are either obvious from the beginning or are being born during the “friendship”.

A number of research studies have been conducted in order to understand why people unfriend on Facebook and which are the most logical reasons. Here are the top three reasons:

  1. The first thing which very often makes people angry and gets on their nerves is posting unimportant things too often. It’s not always interesting to know the details of your friends’ everyday life and where do your friends on Facebook go, what do they do, what do they eat or drink, where are they about to go with their family on weekends?
  2. The second reason for unfriending is the fact that you have not met that person for a long time, and so called face-to-face contact between you has been during school times.
  3. Another reason which very often annoys people is status updating. Your Facebook friends may get angry when you update your status too much or too little. So be attentive if you do not want to lose your friends on Facebook. So, many people update their statuses just a couple of times a week. This is less irritating or annoying.

So there is no need to panic when seeing a new friend request. Just get to know who is that person, if after that you anyway do not want to friend with him/her ignore the request and put an end to all doubts.

8 Things You Must Know Before Advertising on Facebook

8 Things You Must Know Before Advertising on Facebook

When advertising on Facebook, a company can reach a lot of potential customers all over the world. While this is mostly true, it is wise for an entrepreneur to understand a few things. In fact, here are eight things you must know before advertising on Facebook.

Anywhere in the world:

When advertising, whether one is selling knives or businesses services, they must realize that it is possible to advertise anywhere. Now, some people will want to change the settings and only show advertisements in their home country.

Must show images:

With a well-placed image, a company can impress a visitor and get them to click advertisements. At the same time, remember to keep the images simple and clean as people with smartphones and slow connections will appreciate it.


It is important that a viewer who sees the ad understand what it is for. Otherwise, he or she will not click the ad and a company will fail to attract many interested visitors. This is one of the most important things to understand as it is hard to get people interested when they don’t understand the product.


Now, it is easy to show off a product and get people interested. Of course, the business owner should take it further and have a call-to-action. With this, a company can compel people to spend money and get excited over a product.


Most people love incentives. When showing the ad, viewers are likely to click it when they can get a free item or discounted shipping. Luckily, the incentive does not have to be expensive, and a smart business owner can get people excited with an inexpensive giveaway.


Facebook allows people to target their audience. A smart entrepreneur should take advantage of this as he or she will save a lot of money and enjoy higher conversion rates. In fact, without this, a company owner will waste money showing ads to people who are not interested in the product or service.


Without tracking, a corporation will never learn about its customers. Fortunately, when setting up tracking software, it will not be hard to follow users and understand their thought process.

Daily spending:

With Facebook advertising, a business should strive to stay consistent. By setting the daily spending limits, one can avoid only showing ads occasionally.

Without a doubt, when one understands how Facebook ads work, they can find a lot of interested viewers who are likely to convert to customers.

Copying Your Competitor The Facebook Way

Copying Your Competitor The Facebook Way

Good artists copy, great artists steal. This pithy quote holds true in this fast-paced, technologically-driven world of ours. More and more businesses are succumbing to the addictive habit of ‘borrowing’ the work of their competitors. At the moment, what is on everyone’s lips is Facebook and its acquired appetite for Twitter’s features. Facebook has just rolled out the ‘trending topics’ and ‘hash tags’ features synonymous with Twitter. Although Facebook is likely be vilified by the Twitter faithful, it is more likely that the dust will settle sooner rather than later. This is because Facebook represents great artists. So this is how to copy the Facebook way.

Keep Up Or Stay Ahead of Competition

Although Facebook is the largest social media site on the planet boasting of over 1 billion active users, Twitter with its 200 million active users remains a competition to reckon with. Facebook is constantly looking on it rear view mirror to look at who is catching up. It then figures out what gives its competitors their competitive advantage and tries to imitate or innovate. The former option is often the most appealing one.

Understand What Makes Your Competitors Tick

In the chess game, if black copies exactly what white is doing, black is doomed to finish last. That is the thing about blindly copying what your competitor does. Facebook has figured out that social media users love to be on the know about what is being talked about across the world thanks to the popular trending topics feature on Twitter. The trending topic feature of Facebook will be similar to that of Twitter except that it won’t track trending topics based on hash tags. Instead, trending topics will be tracked based users’ posts. So much for a different approach!

Final Word on Copying Competition

Copying competition is often a contentious issue that the advertising campaigns of most organizations fail to address sufficiently. Businesses should aim to protect their ideas and brands from imitation. However, copycats will always be on the prowl. Copying does work when employed expertly like Facebook, why not copy then?

The Bright Future of Mobile Advertising

The Bright Future of Mobile Advertising

Twitter has just acquired MoPub with a consideration in the region of $350 million in stock changing hands. I know; another growth strategy by the giant social media networks. While it may be so at least going by the rumors that Twitter is set to file for an IPO before the end of next year, this is big news in the mobile advertising world.

Win-Win Situation for the Parties Involved

In any acquisition, it is important to lay out the benefits that the parent or acquiring company can bring to the acquired business unit and whether they are likely to add or destroy value. MoPub is a mobile-focused advertising company. Its main capabilities that Twitter doesn’t have is that it has and ad exchange and a real-time bidding ad server. Twitter on the other hand already has a stable and working mobile network offering that is expected to contribute a huge portion of the projected $1 billion revenue in 2014. MoPub founders get to relish at the exchange of $18.5 million MoPub equity for $350 million Twitter private equity and Twitter gets to benefit from the unique capabilities of MoPub. The real victors however, are all the people involved in the mobile advertising world.

Mobile Advertising As It Is

Mobile advertising has often been criticized by both advertisers and the ‘victims’ of advertising for its targeting or lack of it. This translated to poor return on investment for advertisers and to frustrations to users who were tortured by the drudgery that is looking at adverts that are not targeted. This is all set to change for the better as ads posted to users of Twitter on the mobile devices will depend on users’ previous web or mobile usage history.

Focused Mobile Advertising

The fact that more and more people are accessing the Internet and more importantly social media networks through their mobile devices explains the attention that mobile advertising is being given at the moment. Just like any other form of marketing, mobile advertising’s power comes from its audience-the users of mobile devices. This lot is not easy to please. Focused mobile advertising is a start. Twitter has a reputation for being a game changer. It is poised to revolutionize its already burgeoning mobile advertising network by targeting users based on their previous web and mobile usage history as well as their location. This is thanks to its MoPub acquisition. Advertisers and users alike should be looking at this deal with a smile on their faces.

Using Facebook Hashtags For Business Promotion

Hashtags have been all the rage on Twitter for years, but Facebook recently introduced them.  While the use is similar to that of Twitter, there are some stark differences.  These are used so that people can see a newsfeed full of posts related to that specific tag.  It is a way for people to condense a newsfeed into exactly what they are looking for in terms of topic, product, business and other specific things.

Expand Your Reach

If you are using hashtags, those looking at posts within your topic will be able to see your posts.  This helps people to find you.  You can get to people who have an interest in niche topics.  For example, if your business is gardening and you specialize in certain plants or flowers, use a hashtag for these.  Those looking for these plants, tips on planting and growth or a place to get advice can head to the hashtag and find your business.

Building Your Brand

You can create a hashtag that is exclusive to your brand or business.  Just make sure to do your research and make sure that no one else is using this specific hashtag.  You will likely have to be quite unique to find something not already in use.  However, keep in mind that this hashtag must also describe your brand.  So, if you are a garden center or gardener, stick with something related to this.  You can get creative and use plant names or something similar, but it should be related to what you do.

When you are posting things with your new hashtag, make sure that the posts have value.  Things like sales pitches and posts not related to your business will not be shared very often.  Offer something valuable in each post (this does not mean a coupon or promotion) and make sure it is something that people will want to share with their friends.

Special Promotional Tags

If you post the occasional promotion on your Facebook page, create a special hashtag for this specific promotion.  Every promotion you do should have its own hashtag.  If you post this promotion on other platforms, like Google+ or Twitter, use the same hashtag.  You want people to share your post and hashtag to get the word out about your promotion.  You can also include some popular, pre-existing hashtags that fit with your promotion to help people to find it.  Just make sure these tags truly fit well and do not overuse them. This will also help you in getting more likes to your pages.

To Use Or Not to Use

Hashtags are still very new on Facebook and not everyone likes them.  Because of this, you need to be careful not to annoy your loyal fans.  When you are posting, there is no need to always have a hashtag.  Only use them when they are relevant.  You also do not want to stuff your posts with hashtags.  One or two is usually enough.  You just want to get your posts seen.  You do not, however, want to turn off the people already faithfully reading them.

Chris Spencer loves using social media as a marketing tool and writes blog posts to help others learn to do the same.

How To Stay Safe On Facebook

How To Stay Safe On Facebook

Every day, an average of 250,000 new users join Facebook.  Almost all of these people join to keep up with friends and family.  However, it is inevitable that a select few do use the social media platform for malicious reasons.  It is important to stay safe when you are using social media.  Safety is something everyone should keep in mind and not just kids.

Personal Information

Personal information should stay personal.  Your phone, address and date of birth are things only your friends and family should know.  You do not need millions of people on Facebook being able to access this type of stuff.  You never know if someone will use it to track you down or steal your identity.  Unfortunately, one of the downsides of technology is that everyone needs to be a little paranoid.  This will help to keep you safe as you navigate the waters of the worldwide web.

Be Careful With Photographs

You want to make sure that only your friends and family can see your pictures.  This is especially true with pictures of children.  Some people use children’s photos for reasons most people cannot comprehend.  There have also been instances of companies finding good family photos to use for commercial purposes without that family’s consent.

You also want to keep other types of photos off of Facebook.  A good rule of thumb to have is that if you would not show the photos at a job interview, keep them off of Facebook.  You do not want pictures of you drinking, doing something illegal or partying to be seen by potential employers or others that could use them against you.  Keep it clean and think for a minute before posting a photo in your photo albums or on your wall.

Nothing on Facebook is Private

You can set your privacy settings to the max, but if someone really wants to see what is on your profile, there are ways to see it.  Keep this in mind when you are posting anything.  Keep all information you do not want everyone to know off of Facebook.  Things like personal drama, compromising photos and identifying information should stay off of social media.  Your privacy settings are also important if you’re running a fanpage that’s linked to your personal profile or if you plan to buy Facebook fans or likes and increase the traffic to your profiles.

Your Location

While adding your city seems harmless, it can put you in a dangerous predicament.  If you must list your location, simply list your state only.  If someone wants to find you, it will be a lot more difficult if they only know the state that you live in.  You should also refrain from posting things that could indicate where you live.  Posting something about going to Wal-Mart is fine because this store is all throughout the United States.  However, posting things about a local cafe or bakery can lead someone right to your town or neighborhood.

You also want to refrain from posting things that mean your house is empty.  For example, save the vacation photos until you are already home from vacation.  You never want people to know when you will be away from home.  While your friends likely will not rob your home, others may take advantage of the fact that your house is empty.

Chris Spencer loves to use Facebook for marketing and enjoys writing about Facebook for personal and business use. 

Using Facebook as a Launch Pad for Your Business in Social Media

Using Facebook as a Launch Pad for Your Business in Social Media

Facebook can do a great deal for any business provided you put effort into maintaining your profile. Many who have negative experiences using social media for promoting a business fail from lack of effort. You can’t simply provide a few posts of information and expect visitors to flood your website or physical location. Like anything business related, social media success will be determined by your effort. Facebook can be a powerful tool if utilized properly.

1. Privacy

Never use your personal profile in order to promote your business. There is nothing wrong with “liking” your own business page, but your customers and clients don’t care if your family reunion is delayed a week due to a rain storm. Your business profile should always be different than your personal one if you intend on attracting fans and patrons. It’s easy to set up a business page in Facebook and is it’s free to do so. In fact you can start with step 1 here.

2. Website

There are a variety of widgets and HTML coding that you can add to your website in order to create a cross promotion. Whether you are using WordPress, Joomla, or coded the website yourself, you can add the Facebook widget in order to promote your business. By adding the controls for liking and sharing pages on your website, you can further promote your business on Facebook from those who find the content worthy.

3. Local Advertising

Once your business page is developed, Facebook allows you to create advertisements that can be created using a variety of criteria. Based on personal profiles and the information of users, your advertisements can be focused on local groups of people tailored to the kind of business you conduct. As an added feature, Facebook will even show you how many users can potentially see your advertisement based on your location and target audience.

4. Inter-connectivity

One of the most appealing features of Facebook is the ability to link it to so many other social media platforms. Because of its popularity, you are able to connect social sites such as YouTube and Pinterest to your business page to further expand your promotional capabilities. However, you want to spend equal time developing those profiles as well if you want to succeed with social media marketing. For instance; any time you create a new image in Pinterest, it will be displayed in your Facebook profile as they could be connected depending on your settings.

5. Word-of-Mouth

One of the most powerful forms of advertising for any company is that from word-of-mouth. A business can be greatly affected by the experiences of previous customers and how they relate that experience to friends and family. Facebook takes that aspect to a higher level. If someone “Likes” a business in Facebook, all of his or her friends and family could see it – promoting additional interest. If anyone views that person’s profile they can see what he or she likes. It can start a snow-ball affect to create fans of your business.

Facebook can be more than just an area to chat with friends and family or play games. It can be a powerful tool for marketing purposes for the business as long as you put effort into the experience. Don’t assume that you will be instantly popular with the masses. Even the most successful of businesses had to develop the following they have today.

Author Bio:

Ken Myers is the founder of  http://www.longhornleads.com/ & has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need, instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.

Promote Your Business Through OrangeSoda social Media Marketing

Social media sites continue to grow throughout the United States and the World. There are too many advantages of social media to go through and identify each one; however, one of the biggest advantages of social media from a business perspective is the ability to advertise for relatively cheap. OrangSoda social media marketing professionals have the ability to promote various products or services in an effective manner via the most popular social media sites. One important aspect to advertising is the ability to deliver a message to the target audience in such a way that will motivate the consumer to act. Utilizing social media appropriately may not only save you money but ultimately help you earn money.

Best of Blogs

Blogs are basically a source for people to be able to record or log the events of their life onto a website that will allow family and friends stay informed of various activities. Many businesses and organizations are taking advantage of blogs and using them as a source to advertise promotions or deals that are happening within the company. A well designed, and up to date blog can allure consumers to consistently view the specific website. Although a blog may not be as effective as radio or television advertising, it does provide a great alternative to attracting a wide audience through pictures, video clips, and other information related to the company.

Fantastic Facebook

Facebook is among the most popular and well known forms of social media. It seems as though everyone from little kids to retired senior citizens have a Facebook account and consistently views their own profiles. Utilizing the popularity of Facebook to promote a specific product or service is a great way to gain publicity. Creating a profile or page for an organization or company is relatively easy and is a great advertising opportunity. Anything from a private sale to a nationwide organization should utilize the capabilities that this social media site has to offer.

Magnificent Marketing

The advances of social media have brought the art of marketing to an entirely new level. Computer literacy is a must in the marketing world and will only become more technologically focused in the near future. Business owners that are struggling to develop a strong marketing mix need to consider the possibilities that will come with OrangeSoda social media marketing. Marketing professionals understand how to design a profile or page in such a way that will be easy for those who visit the page to identify the benefits or a product or service. Developing a product or service and making it an affordable price that will still create a profit is only half the battle. Proper promotion is the step of the marketing mix that will attract a target audience to the product, thus leading to growth and ultimate success. The most popular social media sites will continue to compete with one another to create better and more effective ways to stay connected with family and friends; this form of competition will benefit those who use social media as a medium of promotion.