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New Software Developers Kit for Facebook

There has been a lot of talk about the Twitter and Facebook  integration with Xbox and Microsoft continues to prove they recognize social networking as part of the mainstream (and more than likely a source of revenue as well). Microsoft has just released a new SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) for Facebook, which was built to enable the millions of developers to create next generation Facebook applications. Our friends at the Silverlight blog said:

“This latest release of the Facebook SDK (Toolkit) combines the latest in Web and Client platform innovations with leading Social technologies (services) together to enable millions of developers and designers to transform their imagination into the next generation application experiences.”

The Microsoft SDK supports Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, and Windows Forms meaning easy access to the Facebook Open Stream API.  The toolkit provides a variety of samples, controls and templates to help you get started. There are more than 1 million facebook developers and another 6 million Microsoft software developers so we’re really looking forward to some of the apps that come from this.

Xbox Live Integrating Facebook & Twitter Next Week

xbox-integrationJust yesterday I wrote about Facebook being integrated into Playstation 3 and now official news from Xbox regarding their own social integration. If you didn’t get into the Preview Program for Xbox LIVE’s forthcoming social networking integrations featuring Twitter, Facebook and last.fm support, don’t worry — you don’t have too much longer to wait.

According to Major Nelson, the new Dashboard Update will be going live to everyone next Tuesday, November 17. The update also includes a new Zune video area that picks up where the Xbox Video Marketplace left off, adding the ability to stream a number of purchases instantly instead of having to wait for them to download.
The one drawback, due to a lack of parental controls on the new social services, is Xbox Live users under the age of 18 won’t be able to access these new services. Microsoft says it is working on building out those controls, so within a few weeks those user should be able to access the new features.

Is there anyone who was involved in the new preview? What are you thoughts?

Facebook Marketing and Advertising Tips

As with all marketing channels, you must consider the mindset of the user. Unlike advertising on Google or Yahoo you need to think about targeting a user (or group of users) who is part of a demographic rather than a specific keywords.  The concept of targeting a ‘query’ needs to be thrown out the window! Rather, target a group!

Facebook Marketing Tips

So what are the benefits of  advertising on Facebook?  The simple answer is it’s cheap and targeted.  The average CPC across the board is around 20-30 cents. One of the benefits of the Facebook ad platform is that it isn’t completely clear on what someone might be buying (think trademarked  or branded terms in paid search). When this comes to branded terms, you can really tell if you’re bidding on a specific brand in Google/Yahoo!/Bing and your keyword could be declined/deleted as such. However, this is NOT the case in Facebook.  By leveraging “interests” for advertising, you can bid on users that might like your competition, and it would be nearly impossible to find because it isn’t query based.

Facebook Advertising Tips

Similar to pay per click advertising, you should always test your ads.  Put simply, test everything: alternative landing pages, different phone numbers and most importantly make sure you have analytics in place to track your results.  One word of caution, “interest targeting” can provide a great return but watch out for burnout.  Sending the same message to the same group of people over and over again can stop working quickly so be sure to vary your messaging every so often. A potential alternative is to send people to your fan page because you get higher viral multipliers.  By taking them and turning into a fan, you can get more and more life from your spend.

Facebook Analytics Tips

We recommend viewing Facebook’s suggested best practices and these common reasons for ad rejections prior to getting started!

Breaking: Facebook Being Integrated into Playstation 3

facebook-ps3Xbox LIVE recently released a Dashboard Update that adds social networking integrations with Facebook, Twitter and last.fm. While not available to everyone the preview mode is being syndicated to beta testers and will go live to the public in short order. Perhaps trying to play catchup with Microsoft, Sony apparently has plans to add its own Facebook integration to the company’s flagship PlayStation 3 console in a coming firmware update.

Website Scrawl apparently found screenshots buried deep within a publicly available section of Sony’s European website showing off some sort of native Facebook integration, as evidenced by a Facebook settings subsection located in the User Accounts section of the PS3’s cross-media bar (XMB) main navigation interface.

Naturally, Sony refused to comment on the leaked shots or the Facebook integration rumour. However the screens do come from a legitimate Sony source, and it seems highly likely that they’d want to get in on some of the social media action considering they’re working diligently to portray the PlayStation 3 console as an all-in-one entertainment hub for the home.

Personally, I’m still not sold on the Verizon FIOS, Xbox, Playstation integration with social networks. What are your thoughts? Do you need social to be part of your video game experience?

Foo Fighters to Stream Live Concert on Facebook Tomorrow


The Foo Fighters will be streaming a live concert starting at 7 PM PST tomorrow night on Facebook. RSVP to the event, and stream it live. As with Facebook’s other recent video streaming events, users will be invited to update their status messages with their thoughts about the concert, which will draw in even more fans as they see the updates in their news feeds. Enjoy!

Breaking News: Facebook & Myspace in Content Sharing Talks

myspacenewWelcome to the inaugural post of Only Facebook! It seems fitting that we kick off the blog with such breaking news – the Telegraph.co.uk announced earlier today Myspace and Facebook are engaging in talks around sharing content. MySpace’s CEO Owen Van Natta is quoted as saying “we are in talks with Facebook, and other sites, about how we could partner with them.”

The move could potentially see MySpace music and video footage being shared on Facebook via its Connect platform. This would be a huge win for Facebook as Myspace tends to still be the social platform of choice for musicians.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, told The Telegraph: “Facebook is focussing on building the best technology which helps people share content, while at MySpace they are focussing on more a content-led strategy. We would like to have their content, as we already do with many other sites, shared across our network because it is good for our users.”

What are you thoughts? Is this a good move by Myspace?

Facebook’s Most Mentioned Topics of 2009

Facebook, using the millions of daily status updates at its disposal, has announced their ‘most discussed’ topics of 2009. According to the analysis, it would appear that Facebook users care a great deal about: family (#5), Facebook apps (#1), Lady Gaga (#12), and, yes, even Twitter (#10).

How Facebook Performed the Analysis

Dubbed Facebook Memology, Facebook analyzed one- to four-word phrases within all the Facebook status updates of 2009. Taking this one step further, Facebook Memology also took “bursts of activity” and other factors into account.

Facebook’s explanation:

“To generate the list, we started by looking at how many times each phrase with length from one-to-four words occurred in U.S. Facebook status updates, then we computed the rate at which each phrase occurred in 2009 compared to 2008. Using some data-mining methods detailed here, we analyzed important bursts in activity around words and series of words to find the key trends for the year. All personally identifiable information was removed from the status updates to conduct this analysis, and no one at Facebook read the individual status updates.”

For the full details on the technical side of the analysis, you can access the Facebook Data team’s thorough explanation of its methodology.

So, onto the Top Facebook Topics of 2009

Facebook grouped specific keywords and phrases together to build their list of the most discussed topics on Facebook. Here’s the full list:

Facebook provides a very detailed analysis of their top 15 Facebook status trends, but most are self-explanatory.

The number one trend was Facebook apps, specifically the discussion of FarmVille in status updates. The game, which has taken Facebook by storm, has made not only FarmVille a popular phrase on the social network, but “Farm Town” and “Farm” as well.

One of the more interesting trends is family, which came in at number five. Specifically, discussion about family, moms, dads, daughters, etc. jumped during 2009. Considering Facebook’s user population is getting older, this isn’t such a big surprise.

Not surprisingly, Twitter came in number 10 on this list and “RT” (ie. Retweet) also became a popular trend on Facebook. That said, Facebook, didn’t miss the opportunity for a minor dig at its rival by declaring that “mentions of the word Twitter decreased over the past few months.”

New Productivity Study Suggests Facebook Costs Billions

An IT Consulting Company – Morse-  estimates that use of social networking sites in general (of which Facebook makes up the vast majority of usage) cost employers upwards of $2.25 billion each year in lost employee productivity. This report is adding fuel to an ever increasing debate surrounding the ban of Facebook in the workplace.

Currently, more than half of CIOs in a Robert Half Technology survey said their firms don’t allow employees to visit social-networking sites for any reason while at work.

“Using social-networking sites may divert employees’ attention away from more pressing priorities, so it’s understandable that some companies limit access,” said Dave Willmer, executive director of Robert Half Technology. “For some professions, however, these sites can be leveraged as effective business tools, which may be why about one in five companies allows their use for work-related purposes.”

Having an active social life is somewhat important for one’s psychological well being, however this provides a valid argument for banning social network usage in the work place.

What are your thoughts? Should employers ban the use of Facebook in the workplace?

Facebook Consumes 5% of All Time Spent Online

Facebook Logo
Facebook, with over 350 million members, is now the Internet’s ultimate time waster. Members are now spending more time on Facebook than any other website including Google, YouTube and Yahoo.

But there’s more. According to comScore, in the U.S. during November, 5.5% of all time spent online was spent browsing on Facebook. This more than doubles last years time consumption.

Also according to Comscore, Facebook passed 100 million unique visitors in the U.S. for the first time during the month and moved up one spot to become the fourth most popular website in the U.S. based on traffic.