Using Facebook Hashtags For Business Promotion

Hashtags have been all the rage on Twitter for years, but Facebook recently introduced them.  While the use is similar to that of Twitter, there are some stark differences.  These are used so that people can see a newsfeed full of posts related to that specific tag.  It is a way for people to condense a newsfeed into exactly what they are looking for in terms of topic, product, business and other specific things.

Expand Your Reach

If you are using hashtags, those looking at posts within your topic will be able to see your posts.  This helps people to find you.  You can get to people who have an interest in niche topics.  For example, if your business is gardening and you specialize in certain plants or flowers, use a hashtag for these.  Those looking for these plants, tips on planting and growth or a place to get advice can head to the hashtag and find your business.

Building Your Brand

You can create a hashtag that is exclusive to your brand or business.  Just make sure to do your research and make sure that no one else is using this specific hashtag.  You will likely have to be quite unique to find something not already in use.  However, keep in mind that this hashtag must also describe your brand.  So, if you are a garden center or gardener, stick with something related to this.  You can get creative and use plant names or something similar, but it should be related to what you do.

When you are posting things with your new hashtag, make sure that the posts have value.  Things like sales pitches and posts not related to your business will not be shared very often.  Offer something valuable in each post (this does not mean a coupon or promotion) and make sure it is something that people will want to share with their friends.

Special Promotional Tags

If you post the occasional promotion on your Facebook page, create a special hashtag for this specific promotion.  Every promotion you do should have its own hashtag.  If you post this promotion on other platforms, like Google+ or Twitter, use the same hashtag.  You want people to share your post and hashtag to get the word out about your promotion.  You can also include some popular, pre-existing hashtags that fit with your promotion to help people to find it.  Just make sure these tags truly fit well and do not overuse them. This will also help you in getting more likes to your pages.

To Use Or Not to Use

Hashtags are still very new on Facebook and not everyone likes them.  Because of this, you need to be careful not to annoy your loyal fans.  When you are posting, there is no need to always have a hashtag.  Only use them when they are relevant.  You also do not want to stuff your posts with hashtags.  One or two is usually enough.  You just want to get your posts seen.  You do not, however, want to turn off the people already faithfully reading them.

Chris Spencer loves using social media as a marketing tool and writes blog posts to help others learn to do the same.