Big Facebook Event Tomorrow – Rumors and Speculation

As many of you may have already read in the news, Facebook is holding a launch event tomorrow to announce new initiatives.

Lots of speculation around this event, including a Facebook phone – codenamed Buffy. But one thing is clear that there is some significant announcement that Facebook is going to make tomorrow, as Facebook does not usually hold major press conferences at its headquarters.

  • Facebook is holding a press event at its headquarters on Tuesday at 10am PST
  • They have not disclosed what will be announced
  • Facebook has indicated the announcement is a “big deal” and most are speculating it involves mobile
  • This is the first media gathering the company has hosted since it’s Gifts announcement in November

Speculation from credible sources:

Facebook Phone (most talked about theory) — speculation from TechCrunch, Forbes

  • Unclear whether it would be a proprietary FB branded device or a new Facebook OS for mobile
  • The rumored OS, codenamed “Buffy,” is thought to be built around Android
  • The hardware, if it exists, is rumored to be developed by HTC
  • Some speculate it could be a low-end to middle range phone built for the developing country market

Facebook Search – speculation from TechCrunch

  • Zuckerberg had been vocal about his interest in expanding FB’s internal search functionalities
  • This would be an opportunity for FB to further monetize it’s platform, especially in mobile
  • Could enhance/integrate with the recently released Facebook Nearby feature – Facebook’s latest push for small businesses and friend recommendations – perhaps in the form of a web interface or standalone mobile app
  • Would likely be an enhanced functionality with the existing platform rather than an entirely new engine

Expansions on Facebook Gifting – speculation from Forbes

  • Further monetize the platform with selling of physical goods

Stronger push towards gaming – speculation from Forbes

  • As FB’s biggest partner in gaming (Zynga) is dying, FB may be looking to start developing its own games to satisfy its dedicated audience of gamers

Instagram enhancements – speculation from Forbes

  • Since spending $1 billion to purchase Instagram, FB has done little with to integrate with the photo-app so far; this may be their first announcement of deeper integration

Greater integration with automobiles – speculation from Forbes, TechCrunch

  • May not be a coincidence that the announcement is scheduled right after the North American International Auto Show
  • Theories include a Facebook-integrated car that enables seamless FB “check-ins” as you drive or a version of Facebook Messenger for cars (synced with Bluetooth)

Additional theories:

  • Redesigning “Notes” to take on Tumblr
  • Creating a standalone feed for different content verticals
  • An easier user experience to navigate and find things on Timeline
  • A video chat competitor to Google Hangouts
  • New advertising channels