How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds

How often do you use Facebook? If you are like any of the other 800 million active users on Facebook, you might sign on at least once a week or perhaps once a day or more.

While there are certainly news sites, information sites, finance sites, and work-related sites that you may sign onto just as often, due to the unique social nature of Facebook that gives you constant streaming access and communication with friends, family, and acquaintances, Facebook and Social Media platforms like it are quickly becoming social addictions and thus impacting our natural human functions. In fact, studies have shown that prolonged use of Social Media affects our memory, multitasking abilities, and even our long-term cognitive functioning and development.

This infographic, Social Media is Ruining Our Minds, gives light to these studies as well as additional fascinating facts about the internet phenomenon that is Social Media, and it’s increasing impact on our health as a society.

Social Media is Ruining Our Minds
Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds?

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This infographic was created by Assisted Living Today, a website to find an assisted living facility in Massachusetts and all other states.