How to Market Your Biz on Facebook – 3 Simple Tips

About 70% of small companies market themselves on Facebook, online business network MerchantCircle reports. Use the site the right way, and you’ll turn fans into customers.

Take it Offline

Give followers a compelling reason to get to the point of purchase. You might offer, say, a discount or promo T-shirt if your fans come to your store and say a certain word, says Patrick Schwerdtfeger, author of Webify Your Business. Similarily, you could promote events via Facebook the way Anna B’s Gluten Free Bakery in Richmond does – the business posts on its wall when its fresh bread will be delivered to Whole Foods.

Build Hype

Rather than simply plugging products, get people excited about them. Schwerdtfeger suggests using the status update to post questions that will spark conversation – a camera retailer might say, “Most people use our underwater camera to take pictures of friends at pools. Where have you used yours?” Yeti Coolers in Austin uses a monthly themed photo contest to get people psyched about its wares; the winner gets a free cooler.

Form Relationships

Don’t just post and let the conversation die. Respond to comments, even complaints. “You want people to not only be aware of your brand, but engage with it,” syas Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible. Direct contact builds loyalty, which builds business!

What methods can you suggest to help grow your business through Facebook? Leave your tips in the comments!