Facebook Chat Emoticons: The :Putnam: Code Still Works

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time on Facebook Chat. Invariably, everyone gets tired of walls of text. Or, your sentiment might be heavier with a picture. So, looking for a way to spruce up your Facebook chats? I’ve compiled a list of all of the Facebook emoticons that can be used within the chat feature. Simply use the keyboard to put in the letters/numbers/symbols and when you send the message, the emoticon will appear! You may want to keep this list secret, everyone will want to know how to have a penguin show up in the chat window.

You may be curious about the :Putnam: face. Well I have the answer! Chris Putnam was an engineer for Facebook, and his face adorned one of the first login pages of Facebook.

I can only assume he thought it would be funny to program himself into the site. The :Putnam: code still works, and by this time I’m sure everyone at Facebook HQ is aware of it and have elected to keep it as a funny joke. And I’m sure Putnam himself is enjoying the fame!

Use his face and all the others to impress and befuddle your friends! There are a lot of Facebook emoticons, which ones are your favorites?