Creating a Facebook Page – Step 4: Prevent Comment Abuse

Now that you are populating your Facebook Page with content, you’ll likely encounter spam comments as well as the occasional use of profanity. Obviously this is not great for any brand page. With that in mind, its time to configure your landing page settings to prevent as much comment abuse as possible.

Preventing Facebook Page Comment Abuse

  1. Click “Edit Info” on your dashboard
  2. Click “Manage permissions’
  3. Next, configure the following important aspects
  4. Default landing tab – you can set this to either wall or info. This is the first thing the user will see when they land on your Facebook page
    • Elect whether or not you can decide if users can add photos or videos
    • To control the use of profane words in comments, under “moderation blocklist” copy and paste this list of words
    • Lastly, make sure “profanity blocklist” is set to “strong”

Now, after these settings are updated, you should be well on your way to preventing a lot of common Facebook comment abuse. Note, you should still manually check your followers comments to ensure nothing slipped through the cracks!

Next up, the final step 5 – creating a username.