Creating a Facebook Page – Step 3: Add Posts to Your Wall

Now that you have selected the appropriate category for your Facebook page and updated the Info section, now you’re ready to begin providing some seed content to your Facebook wall. One of the easiest ways to get some content on your wall immediately is to share your latest blog posts.

To share a newly posted blog post or content from your website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Wall.
  2. Click “Link”
  3. Copy and paste the newly posted blog link from your website
  4. Click “Attach”
  5. Under “Say something about this link”, be sure to type an enticing description to increase click through rates to your site
  6. Finally, click “Share”

An example is below:

Share Blog Posts on Facebook

As you increase Facebook fans and followers, your regular news updates will appear in their news feeds. If your fans likes or shares the story, the rest of their contacts will be exposed to the content in their news feeds as well – hopefully increasing your traffic even further.

This is short and sweet but definitely one of the easiest ways to begin populating your Facebook Page with useful content until a full editorial calendar can be developed.

Next up, step 4 of your Facebook Page creation – preventing comment abuse.