Creating a Facebook Page – Step 1: Choosing a Category

With the incredible growth of Facebook, if you own a business or website, it makes sense to create a Facebook page in order to take advantage of the potential traffic. At this point, don’t worry if you are just getting started or do not have any fans or likes. If you are confident you can create quality content and present it properly, the number of people that will like your site and join the community will naturally increase.

To get started, visit this page. Note that there are a handful of options to choose from depending on what type of page you are looking to create. This is step 1 in creating a Facebook Page – be sure to select the most appropriate category to avoid future mistakes and confusion on the part of your Facebook fans.

Follow these tips to properly select your Facebook page type:

Company, Organization or Institution

If the Facebook page is being created for business purposes and you have a need to establish reputation and identity with the rest of your friends or visitors on Facebook you need to select “Company, Organization or Institution”. This will allow you to list your own company or business directly in your personal Facebook profile. To do so, log into your Facebook account, then click “Profile”. Once there, click “Edit Profile” then go to “Education and Work”. You can then list your company under “Employer”. The good thing about this method is that after saving the changes, your friends and visitors can see this link in your profile. When this link is clicked, the visitor will land on your Facebook page. Mercedes is a great example of a Company Facebook Profile.

Company or Organization Facebook Page Example

Artist, Band or Public Figure

Perhaps, Myspace is better known for their affinity for band pages and music in general, however, if you are looking to grow fans and community for a musical artist or band, then select “Artist, Band or Public Figure”. This Facebook page option allows the musical artist or band to upload music as well as the ability for fans to share music with their network of friends, etc. This feature is not available in other types of Facebook Pages. Eminem has grown quite a community on Facebook with over 46 million likes.

Band, Public Figure Facebook Page Example

Cause or Community

For non-profit websites created for charity and community, you can select “Cause or Community”. These pages were especially helpful during some of the recent tragedies such as the Haiti Earthquake. The American Red Cross pops to mind as one such Cause or Community page that is doing a great job.

Cause or Community Facebook Page Example


Looking to increase fans for a TV show, TV channel, concert or sporting event? The Entertainment Facebook Page is your ideal choice. One of my favorite examples is HBO:

Entertainment Facebook Page Example

Brand or Product

If you are looking to market a specific brand or product such as clothing, appliances, food or beverages than the Brand or Product Facebook page is the ideal choice. While there are a lot of choices to choose from in this category, I like how Skittles has really embraced the Facebook community growing fans to over 19 million and consistently engaging with comments and creating content on their wall.

Brand or Product Facebook Page Example

Local Business or Place

Does your business serve a localized cliental? This option is ideal for local bars/restaurants, hotels, religious institutions, local monuments, etc. You will have the option to add your address and local phone number. The example below, shows how 24 Hour Fitness utilizes individual Local Business pages to market to members of each of their localized fitness clubs.

Local Business Facebook Page Example

Look for an overview of step 2 coming soon! By the way, what are some of your favorite Facebook pages?