How To: Move Facebook Photos To Picasa (Google Photos)

With the rise of Google+ folks are scrambling to transfer everything from photos to Facebook friends in an effort to build out their Google+ profiles as quickly as possible. With that in mind, I’m sure there’s more than one way to easily transfer your Facebook photos and albums to Google’s Picasa service (soon to be known as Google Photos). Here is one such service that makes this process very easy via a Chrome extension. The web app was developed by AmiWorks’ Aman Kumar Jain and Amogh. Chrome Extension Benefits:

The appropriately named website allows for a seamless connection to your Facebook account and automatic migration of all of your Facebook photos and albums over to Google’s Picasa service. Obviously, your facebook likes, comments, etc will not be ported over during this process.

Move Drawbacks:

One drawback to this tool is the long process it takes to transfer photos from one platform to the other – it took a good couple of hours before my photos were transfered. Despite that fact, seems to be the best viable solution for people who don’t mind the wait and would like to move only their photos to Picasa / Google Photos.

Another potential drawback is it’s all or nothing – you cannot transfer specific photos or albums at this point. That said, with Google’s advanced sharing settings it’s reasonable to assume most folks will want to transfer anything they had on Facebook to Google+ as well.

Happy photo sharing!