How Local Businesses Can Use Facebook Ads

Whether a business is looking for new customers or trying to reach out to their existing ones, Facebook Ads are a great way to go. Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the web. With millions of users getting on every day, multiple times per day, it’s a wonder why businesses haven’t actively pursued this venue. The existence of Facebook Ads is, however, still young and many people do not know how to use it to the fullest. Below are some tips to help businesses get started on their Facebook campaigns.

Getting Your Facebook Ads Approved

First Obstacle that businesses will encounter is the ad approval process. Facebook Ads strongly advises for all users to use their guidelines page to get approved quickly. This process can take up to six hours because of the volume of ads.

Timing Your Facebook Ads Release

After the ad is approved, it will need to be releases at a specific time of day. This is because an ad’s likelihood of being successful lies in the first couple of hours of release. The time is dependent on when your audience is logging in. So, the ad creator needs to have a firm understanding of who their audience is and when they will likely log into Facebook.

For Example a university offering online training would be best released at 3 pm or 4 pm dependent on when a local high school ends for the day. Their audience is students and working adults, so it might be better to release the ad at 4 pm as more adults are getting off work around that time.

Creating a Enticing Title and Image

However, just because a company releases an ad, it doesn’t mean anyone will click on it. The next step is to create an image and an enticing title. These are both important to increase clicks on the ad. If the image does not lure the audience or the title doesn’t entice, the ad will not be clicked. Once again the company needs to figure out who their audience is in order to present the right message to them. In the case of the university, it would be best to include a very specific image for a specific degree and then a message to show them they can do “that” too (whatever the image shows).

Refine Your Facebook Ad Targets

As a business continues their ad campaign, they will want to continue refining their targets. They will want to measure what groups are clicking what and create ads for those groups. They can do this by creating categories such as age and gender. Doing so, they can refine their ad-making process and learn more about their targets.

Review Your Facebook Ads Performance

The next step is to review the amounts of clicks per ad. The ones that receive the most clicks are the most useful ads to continue running. The others can be trashed.

Facebook Ads is really the best platform to reach more people. As households change their preferences from TV to Netflix, Businesses will need to find a new venue to advertise and find new customers. Because Facebook houses multiple users at different times a day, it is great place to find new customers. As long as the ads are not too pushy, businesses should be able to entice users to use their products

Thomas is a contributing author at Technected.