Fan Page Content Strategy – Creating Targeted Facebook Content

For brands, one of the most frustrating aspects of running a Facebook Page is determining exactly what content to syndicate. The answer can be just as frustrating … it depends.  The trick is to publish great custom content alongside automatic updates with the following goals in mind:

Increasing Website Traffic:

When you want an increase in website traffic consider publishing questions about your content or products. Ask for opinions on your content, or recommend a specific product – and make sure every update has a link back to your site. Not only does this bring traffic to your website, but it also heightens the feeling of community on the Page.

Starting a Conversation:

When you want to start a discussion, the best option is to use Facebook’s Questions feature. Start publishing polls and asking for your community’s opinions. Comments are extremely important for the growth of your Page because when a user posts a comment it also shows up in their News Feed to be seen by all their friends. This can impact EdgeRank and expose a larger group to your message.

Build Community Loyalty:

When looking to build loyalty simply interact with fans in the comments. Thank your fans for their support, run promotions or specials and give fan-only gifts and bonuses.

Increasing Sales:

When an increase in sales is the primary goal, post teaser updates about new products, share images of upcoming products in development, progressively share news about new products, and give fans discount coupons.

Capturing New Clients:

If you are in the business of increasing new clients, post examples of newly completed work, share testimonials from existing clients, post information about your services and talk about some of the cool things you might be currently working on.

What tips do you have for creating and building a community on your Facebook Page?