New Facebook Product: Facebook Questions & Answers

Background on Questions

Last July, Facebook launched a beta of Facebook Questions to a small group of people and gathered feedback. On March 25th, Facebook broadly rolled out an update to Questions that makes it even easier to ask and respond to questions from people and Pages on Facebook. What’s more, all Page owners can opt-in to Facebook Questions to start using the product today.

About – The Questions Product Update

The updated Facebook Questions product allows people and Page owners to ask structured, lightweight questions to friends and fans, similar to publishing a simple poll. Questions are now easier and faster to answer—people can agree with an existing answer with a single click, or they can quickly add a different response. This makes it easy for many more people to respond to questions. The new version of Questions is also more focused on getting answers from their friends, and friends-of-friends.

Comedy Facebook Question

More Materials

You can learn more about the updated Facebook Questions at There, you can opt-in to start using the product immediately by clicking the green “Get Questions Now” button. While we encourage you to explore and use the new Questions product, it is purely an optional product for your Page(s). Page admins can choose to not ask, follow or answer questions on the site, and they always have the option to remove the Questions tab from their Page at any time.

What Impact Does This Have on Advertising?

Facebook does not currently offer contextual advertising in the Questions product (i.e. targeting a person who has shown interest in a brand or product in their question).  Given Facebook’s expanding advertising capabilities, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this product evolves and ad targeting opportunities become available in the very near future. We will keep you posted!

What are your thought so far – have you used the Questions product yet? Leave your thoughts in the comments!