Facebook Changing Become a Fan in Favor of Like

Facebook Like Button

Facebook has announced it will soon be changing the “Become a Fan” button that you’re so accustomed to seeing on Fan Pages to a more universal “Like” button. According to Clickz, Facebook has started sending out confidential emails to ad agencies informing them that the “Become a Fan” button which functions as a subscription/membership button  to fan pages will be changed to “Like” button within the next few weeks.

Quite simply, Facebook believes that by changing the “Become a Fan” button to “Like”  will increase engagement between consumers and brands. “Like” offers a simple and consistent way for Facebook users to connect with the things they are interested in most. Facebook did some research and found out that users are more two times more likely to “Like” something instead of becoming a fan.

“‘Like’ offers a simple, consistent way for people to connect with the things they are interested in. These lighter-weight actions mean people will make more connections across the site, including with your branded Facebook Pages. We believe this will result in brands gaining more connections to pages since our research has shown that some users would be more comfortable with the term ‘Like’. The goal is to get the most user connections so that you can have ongoing conversations in the news feeds of as many users as possible.”

What do you think of this change? Are you more likely to “Like” a brand on Facebook vs. become a fan of one?  While you’re at it “Like” Only Facebook!:)