Privacy-Per-Post: Facebook's New Privacy Settings

Today Facebook is rolling out a new set of more granular privacy controls to its 350 million members. Founder Mark Zuckerberg already announced the changes on December 1, but today they are going into effect.

Members will now be able to choose exactly who they share status updates, photos, videos, or any other piece of content posted on Facebook. The options include: “Friends, Friends of Friends, Everyone and Customized.” As part of this change, Facebook is killing off regional networks such as “New York” or “Silicon Valley,” which are too big and meaningless anyway.

These customized options will allow Facebook members to create Friends Lists so that you can share new baby photos with family, inappropriate YouTube videos with only your college buddies, or your latest professional news with your business friends. Overall, Facebook is simplifying its privacy settings to make them less confusing.

Giving users the ability to select privacy settings on the fly should encourage more people to select “everyone” as the default for much of what they share on Facebook. This really begins to open up the data that is made public and provides even more opportunity for Facebook search.