Target Your Facebook Fans by Location and Language

There is a cool new feature we noticed on our Facebook Page yesterday – the ability to target updates to users in specific locations users accessing Facebook via a specific language.

This feature is a welcome addition for those folks looking to better target their fans without overwhelming the collective with unnecessary information.
Here’s how to use it: next to the “Share” button there is a new pull-down with the option of “Everyone” or “Customize.” Use “Everyone” to post a message to all of your fans as normal. Utilize the new Customize option to enter in a specific location (all the way down to the city level) and/or a specific language. This will send an update only to your fans with that setting.

For now, it doesn’t appear you can create more than one custom group. As a result, you’ll need to edit your targeting settings each time you want to target a specific location or language. You can however target multiple locations and languages simultaneously.

Have you tried these new settings? Are you more likely to consider using Facebook as a targeted marketing channel? Let us know in the comments!